Are you more Soup or Chulent?

Feb 06, 2021 2:56 am

Hi ,

Are you more soup or chulent?

I feel like this is a big conversation every time ladies discuss cooking.

Do you like to follow a recipe down to every last teaspoon?

or do you look at recipes for inspiration but then do your own thing?

This is the difference between a soup and a chulent. To craft a soup takes time and precision, following each step to create a delicious dish.

Don't have time for that? Throw it all in a pot and boom! that's a chulent.

Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to experiment with both styles at the Hamentashen Bake and the Passover Cooking.

JOIN for one (or both) cooking demos and cook along with Malky and Mushky.

After you RSVP you will receive a package with all the ingredients you need- no shopping needed.

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Hamantashen and More!

February 23

lead by the Rebbetzin of Lubavitch for the Russian Jewry in Philadelphia

Malky Goldshmid


Passover Cooking

March 9

lead by the director of NELA Chabad and the founder of

Mushky Perlstein

Sign up for one or for both!

When you sign up you will get an email about when you will be able to pick up your basket of ingredients to cook along with the instructor as well as the zoom link.

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Looking forward!


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