3.5 Reasons I think you will like the New Dilemma Course

Feb 05, 2024 1:50 pm


Here are three and a half reasons why I think you should consider joining our upcoming course "the Dilemma":

sign up here: CYP Academy The Dilemma

1: You are someone who likes to think, and you enjoy a robust intellectual conversation. Even better if the topics are valuable to real life.

2: You have wanted to open the Talmud in the past, but it seems much too daunting.

3: You enjoy being in fun, accepting, Jewish spaces, even more exciting when its not another happy hour.

3.5: Get $200 credit upon completing this course towards the upcoming CYP Texas Shabbaton - which means you come for FREE.

(covers food, program and experience, accommodations not included)

There is no prior knowledge assumed - not Judaism and not a knowledge of Hebrew. We have the book we will use to find sources to discuss.

You will probably like the new Dilemma course from CYP Academy


4 classes taking real-life situations and finding the ethical truths of Judaism to solve them

Here are 2 examples of cases we will cover in the discussion:

First case: thieves break into a car to steal a laptop, in the process they save the life of a poor dog forgotten and overheating in the back seat. Do they have to pay for the value of the window? Does the owner have to pay them for breaking his window and saving the dog!?

Second case: you are at a party at a friend's house and open a Pepsi soda bottle. Under the cap is the winning message that you won a new prize car. Who gets the car, you or your host? What if it wasn't a personal bottle but the one in the middle of the table? Or if they had opened half the bottles looking for a winning cap and got distracted before opening the rest, including the one you opened. Do those circumstances change anything?

Sign up here: CYP Academy The Dilemma

Registration open

Get $200 credit upon completing this course towards one of the upcoming CYP Shabbatons - like the Texas Encounter.

The CYP Academy credits go to this Shabbaton:




last link: CYP Academy The Dilemma - we start this Wednesday evening