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Jan 05, 2024 7:36 pm


This Tuesday Human and Holy for the ladies - don't miss it


The artist reveals the essence of the thing she sees. And it is for this reason that each soul is brought down into its body, to express the essence of a physical world.

Some people do it with a paintbrush. Others, words. Some people do it through their kindness, their way of seeing people, their generosity, their way of life. Each of us are artists, painting the essence.

What world are you creating? What tools do you use to show us what you see?


- Tonia @humanandholy

Wishing you an uplifting Shabbat,

Rabbi Mendy & Mussy

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Of Interest


The Alter Rebbe's Melody (Listen here)


Today marks the anniversary of the passing in 1812 of the Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder Chabad.


This melody, niggun, was composed by the Alter Rebbe. 


The song has four stanzas, corresponding to the four spiritual worlds, Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah. Each stanza is intended to elevate the singer and listener to the next spiritual realm.


Due to its holiness, this special melody is sung only on special occasions and dates.

  • Joseph Sings the Blues Moses is the oft-invoked prophet of the spirituals, but maybe Joseph is the muse of the Blues


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Feb: CYP Academy - the Dillema, 4 classes taking real-life situations and finding the ethical truths of Judaism to solve them

First case: thieves break into a car to steal a laptop, in the process they save the life of a dog forgotten in the back seat. Do they have to pay for the value of the window?

Another: you are at a party at a friend's house and open a soda bottle that has the winning code for 1 mil. Who gets the money, you or your host?

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