Tonight at 8:00 - Virtual Happy Hour

Jan 29, 2021 6:27 am

Tonight at 8:00 pm - Tu B'Shvat Happy Hour

- on a cool virtual system (Airmeet)

Look at pictures to see how it looks

1. Login Screen - click the bottom right box to enter the Social Lounge.


2. The Social Lounge - up to 8 people can "sit" at a table, turns into a video room.


3. there is also speed friending in the top bar area where you have time-limited video chats with someone new



no registration needed (it will ask you to fill in 'company info' as its a networking platform, have fun with that)

⏱️ 1 hour expected run time

💻 join from a Laptop to be able to "walk" around the room - it is pretty cool and you will be able to hang out with people you know/meet new people

🍷🍇 bring a drink or fruit to munch on!

See you there!

Chabad YJP Austin