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Jun 02, 2023 6:58 pm


Each one of us is both the sun and the moon.


The sun is constant—every day the same fiery ball rises in the sky.

But the moon cycles through constant change—one day it is whole, then it wanes until it has disappeared altogether. Yet then it is renewed, reborn out of nothingness.


So too, we learn and progress by quantum leaps and bounds, yet the timeless, constant wisdom of Torah doesn’t budge from its place. On the contrary, the more we move forward, the deeper we fathom the truths behind us.

Wishing you an uplifting Shabbat,

Rabbi Mendy & Mussy

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Of interest:

Photos from the Torah Celebration!

What a wonderful celebration that was - celebrating a 100-year-old Torah and its new chapter at YJP Austin! Click here for the full album of pictures shot by the very talented Liz Moskowitz. And watch the presentation video here.



Thank you to the following who dedicated a portion of the Torah - there is more available you can participate here.

Torah Dedication

Brynn and Freddy Brick

Chumash Book Dedication

Beth Steinberg

Marc Cooper

Brad Meltzer

In Memory of David ben Shraga Feivel

Cara Lawler

Special Section

Juliana and Caleb Angel

Parsha Dedication

Yehuda Abrams

Matt Ford

Farkash Family

Rabbi Chaim & Batsheva Feldman

Juliana and Caleb Angel

Janet & JP Newman

Verse Dedication

Chaim Feldman

Joel Sumner

Shana Alterman

Alex Payatetsky

Ian Spechler

Jeremy Goren

Netzer Arev

Talya Wasserman

Word Dedication

Josh Hoffman

Adir Golan

Chaim Feldman

Max Sacher

Moriel Levy

Sarah Guccione

Aviva Frank

Danielle Thompson

Aryeh Roth

Carrie Chess

Abby Shay

Davida Rosenthal

Duncan Bryer

Aliyah Jacobson

Rachel Feinstein

Nikki Nissan

Evan Sacks-Wilner

Letter Dedication

Alex Popper

Julia Raygorodsky

Lauren Goodman

Hannah Hittleman

Marlee Friedman

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