Review Copy Opportunity and Life Updates!

Hi everyone,The theme of the month seems to be outsourcing things that stress me out wherever/whenever I can. I've officially booked movers to get everything into my cube that I'm shipping up north and am in the process of hiring some people to help...

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Mar 18, 2023
Snow's Captive New Chapter and Dusk's Escape Snippet!

Hi everyone,I got a pre-moving haircut and booked some movers. It's finally starting to feel real. As far as work goes, everyone is off at conferences and it's been deserted staff-wise but busy client-request-wise. My last pet sit before the move as...

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Mar 11, 2023
Snow's Captive New Chapter and Upcoming Author Takeover!

Hi everyone,I hope you're week's going well. Right now I'm enjoying hanging out in Boca with a sweet, and very vocal, older Bichon. She's got almost as many allergies as me, but she's taking it in stride, except when she was hoping to steal some of m...

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Mar 04, 2023
Tracking how much I made from writing in 2020

Amazon Royalties -$56.00 Barnes and Noble Royalties -$0.60 Audible Royalties -$0.99 Ghostwriting -$1,200 Article writing -$60 Small press publication (Short story) -$75 Hubpages -$2.97 Total $1395.56 Goal 10% of income or about $1,500

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Sep 28, 2020