16 Helpful & Encouraging Quotes for Home Businesses

Subscribers to my newsletter receive a helpful, inspirational or encouraging quote in each issue. In the newsletter, they correspond with the subject and are a nice way to not only reinforce whatever it is that I’m teaching or sharing, they also serv...

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Jun 08, 2022
Does a Home Business Need Regular Business Hours?

One of the reasons owning a home business is many people’s dream job is the desire for flexibility.  Working 9 to 5 or longer, plus the added time of commuting means a large chunk of time daily is spent either going to, coming home from, or being at...

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Apr 12, 2022
Home Business Owner, Are You Charging Enough?

You’re working more, but it seems like you have less to show for it. You started your own business to find a better work/life balance, yet you have less free time to do the things you love than you did before. You need to sell more or gain more clien...

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Mar 16, 2022
Did You Know I Offer Even MORE Home Business Tips?

If you’re a regular reader of my articles on this blog, you know that I’m not the most consistent blogger out here. I’ll go through spurts where I post regularly and then business gets busy and all you get are crickets for long periods. I’d apologize...

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Jan 28, 2022
My Date With Omicron

Remember when this global pandemic began? If you were like me, you thought it might last a few months before things got back to normal. Surprise! We’re almost at the two-year mark and we’re still under the gun with COVID. Back in the beginning, I rea...

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Jan 21, 2022
Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients

I’ve written about client gifting here before.  More than once.  But what do you do if the holidays are overwhelming you this year and you still haven’t decided what to do as far as client gifting is concerned.  Here is a list of last minute holiday...

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Dec 13, 2021
5 Time Saving Tips for Home Businesses

As the owner of a work from home business, it’s important to use your time wisely.  Not only will you be providing product or services to others, you’ll be running your own business as well. That means setting aside time for marketing, invoicing, cli...

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Nov 17, 2021
How Much Should You Charge For Your Services Anyway?

I think one of the most frustrating things I dealt with when I started my business 14 years ago was trying to figure out what to charge.  I got tons of great advice on forums and from our local small business administration, but when the question of...

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Nov 05, 2021