Tips and Tricks to Get Your Home Business Running Smoothly

Feb 03, 2023 6:18 pm

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Home Business Running Smoothly 


Are you an entrepreneur who is frustrated with the struggles of getting your home business off the ground? Does it feel like you’re bouncing along without any real control? You are not alone! Many of us have been there, feeling overwhelmed by the various tasks that have to be taken care of before our businesses become successful. But the good news is that there are smart tips and tricks to help make sure your home business runs as smoothly and successfully as possible. In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks to get your home business running smoothly and reach its full potential.

1.    Have a dedicated workspace.

It may not be possible to have an actual home office when you’re first starting out, but try to have a specific space for working rather than just plopping down on your couch, the floor, your bed, or any spot that you may find yourself in. That’s not to say you can’t ever work from those non-traditional spaces. In fact, sometimes it good to break away from your dedicated space.  But you really do need a set space that your brain will recognize as ‘business’ space. Not doing so tells your subconscious that you don’t consider what you are a doing a  real business. When that happens, you may not even be aware that your brain could be working against you as you struggle in the day to day work you are doing.

2.    Create a business vision board.

Having goals is important, but things like resolutions and traditional goal setting have been proven to fall short. On the other hand, business vision boards are known to be a great way to achieve the goals you want to achieve in your business.

3.    Stop answering phone calls unless you have scheduled them. 

Phone calls can be a huge waste of time. It’s very easy to get caught up in a call that has little to nothing to do with your business and find that you’ve lost a huge chuck of time that could have been used on a project or task. Encourage scheduling of calls and let the others go to voice mail. If it’s important they will leave a message and you can set aside an hour or so a day to return those calls without disrupting your work flow.

4.    Stop constantly monitoring your email.

If you go to read your email every time the notification goes off, this can be a waste of time as well. Instead, schedule time in your work day to check for new email and respond. It can be once every 90 minutes or once every two hours. Some people even limit it to twice a day. Anything is better than constantly stopping your workflow every time you get a new mail notification.

5.    Automate the processes you can.

Scheduling meetings or phone calls, answering common questions, sharing information about your business; these are all things that can be automated or semi-automated. Use a scheduling app like Setmore, Calendy, Doodle or to schedule those calls and meetings. Create a FAQ page on your website to answer the most common questions you receive and point folks to it when they ask those same questions. Create an information packet that you can share with those who inquire about your business. Create an onboarding process for new clients that includes form templates that can be sent quickly and easily to gather needed information.

6.    Include time for your own business in your normal business schedule.

Don’t pack your schedule so full of customer/client work that you have to work nights and weekends to take care of the workings of your own business. Or worse, that you ignore your own business. This  includes setting aside time to do invoicing, marketing and your own continuing education.

7.    Learn to triage your projects.  

In the hospital you’ll find that they triage patients into categories for treatment.  The three categories of triage are Immediate, urgent and non-urgent. Use these same three categories to tackle your projects and tasks. You can do this by setting up your daily schedule on paper, on your computer or add it to you planner with this printable planner page that I created to specifically help home business professionals triage their projects and tasks.

8.    Use social media and networking opportunities to establish yourself as a professional.

Keep your eye on local newspapers and social media accounts for opportunities to network with other professionals in your area. Making these connections can be a huge help in getting your business known locally. Also, take advantage of social media to present yourself and your business to the world. Whether it’s sharing photos of the products you sell or sharing tips on how your business services can help your target market, social media is still a great way to get your business noticed.

9.    Invest in your business.

There comes a time when even the most hard-core bootstrapper will need to invest into the business to grow. Whether it’s purchasing hardware or software to make doing the work easier or signing up for coaching or continuing education programs, you will need to spend money to keep your business healthy and growing. After all, if you don’t have the commitment to spend money on your own business why in the world would you expect other people to invest in your products or services?

10.  Manage work/life balance.

Often this can be the hardest tip to follow, especially in the early stages of doing business. Don’t ignore the importance of this one though. Putting too much of your time an energy into your business can lead to early burn out.  And burn out leads to the loss of passion and drive in your own business. Make sure to set aside your weekends and holidays for yourself. Schedule vacations and getaways. Make the time to go to the gym. Rearrange your schedule so you can be at your kids’ activities. Having a personal life is just as important to building a successful business as scheduling your business days. Don’t ignore your own needs, health, and mental health.

Often running a home-based business can feel like severe turbulence on an airplane. You can feel tossed around by the day-to-day stresses and requirements. Utilizing these ten tips and tricks can help you get your business running smoothly.

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