Home Business Jumpstart Tips Series: Should We Forget the Social Media Rules?

May 18, 2022 3:18 pm

Should We Forget the Social Media Rules?


Are you ignoring social media because you feel you need to get all of your ducks in a row first?

If there is anything I have a love/hate relationship with, it’s social media. Like many people these days, you can often find me scrolling through TikTok or Instagram. But when it comes to using it for my business? Well, let’s just say I totally lack consistency.  

Part of the problem is that depending on what ‘expert’ I’m listening to, I should be

• Branding my posts

• Sticking to business

• Providing helpful information

• Posting on a regular schedule

• And more...

As someone who was an early adopter of Twitter (Fall of 2007) I miss the days of not overthinking what I’m going to post and when. 

That’s why I understand when clients tell me they just don’t have the time or energy to utilize social media. All of those rules are hard to follow, not to mention all of the custom branded images you are ‘supposed’ to be creating to go with them. It leaves many of us feeling like we definitely SHOULD be using social media, but lacking the motivation to get it done. 

Thinking back to those early days on Twitter it was all so much easier. We might post about what project we were working on or praise the coffee shop we happened to be working from. Heck, lots of folks back then shared what they were eating for lunch. And although they might have been made fun of for it, it was easy and fast. It also built connections with others. 

That’s right, we didn’t have branded images or well-thought-out posts back then. We shared what we found interesting and interacted with other users when one of their posts grabbed our interest. 

While I certainly see the value in doing all of those things that the experts tell us to, I don’t think we have to pull it all together before we jump into social media for our businesses. 

In fact, I think it’s more important to play around with social media, get a feel for it and make connections than to have everything perfect.  

The sheer number of people using social media makes it an important part of any marketing strategy for your business. I’d argue that getting active on a social media platform or two is much more important than having it all planned out with purpose. Being your true authentic self is much more likely to gain you followers and help you build an audience than a bunch of pretty branded images with boring messages. 

I’d much rather follow someone who makes me smile, laugh, think or even shed a tear or two, than someone who’s only posting business tips and event announcements. I’d be willing to guarantee that most people are like me than not. 

What does that mean for using social media for your home business? 

Throw out the rules for awhile. Instead of feeling like you have to do all of those things the experts tell you to do, jump in with both feet and just start making connections. Comment on posts you like, share posts you find interesting or helpful, share fun things like your pets, kids or even what you’re having for lunch. Be your unique self and have fun.  

I’d be willing to bet you’ll find your following growing. And once you’ve begun to establish your presence, then you can think about adding some branded images and start implementing some of those great expert ideas. 


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