Home Business Jumpstart Tips Series: Using Business Ingenuity to Grow Your Home Business

Jun 14, 2022 4:32 pm

Using Business Ingenuity to Grow Your Home Business


With a little ingenuity, you could see your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Way back in 2007 when I first began blogging as a means of marketing my home business, I penned a post about the importance of business ingenuity in the growth of businesses. Back then, I pointed out that a simple idea to sell books over the internet led to the online giant Amazon. I also shared a local story about a tree service making the decision to offer holiday decorating (think holiday lights on houses and on trees) during a time of the year that traditionally is slow for businesses of that type. 15 years later, you may wonder if that same type of business ingenuity for home business growth is still valid.

The answer is an overwhelming ‘Yes’.

In fact, in the past 2 + years, the pandemic has proven that using that ingenuity can not only grow your business, but it can also save it. Restaurants that have survived did things like putting together meal kits to cook at home or offering take-out meals that could be picked up curbside. Curbside has become so popular that many restaurants continue to offer it even though they can now serve customers normally. 

Curbside was also something that many retail chain stores adopted. I don’t know about you, but I’ll continue to use curbside pickup at Target and my local grocery store, simply because it saves me so much time. 

Other businesses embraced the Zoom call.  At least half of my doctor appointments are now done via Zoom. Many other professionals found that Zoom appointments worked just fine and have continued to offer them even after lockdowns were lifted.

Although the pandemic forced businesses to use that ingenuity, wise business owners shouldn’t wait until they are forced to think about innovative ways to do business. Many people call it thinking outside of the box and it includes things like:

  • The handmade jewelry seller who expands their business by offering live online classes on how to create a certain piece for their audience who love a hands-on experience.
  • The artist who adds the option to personalize a painting or illustration with a name, favorite saying, or even a touch of gold leafing.
  • The restaurant chef who realizes a portion of his clientele love to cook so he starts teaching cooking classes online.

All of these ideas are also ways to add additional streams of income to their businesses. And that is ideal, particularly for home businesses.

Do you know your customers/clients well enough to identify a group of them who might just be looking for a little something different from you? Have you ever brainstormed ways to use your skills and knowledge to offer more than what you do right now? Summer is the perfect time to send out a survey to your client base to learn a bit more about them. It’s also a great time to do a little outside-of-the-box thinking to come up with unique new ideas for using your skills, knowledge, and talents.

Make this the summer you use your business ingenuity!


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