Mobile App Analytics 101: Best KPIs For App Measuring

Since 2021 just kick-off, it’s time to define objectives for your products. Therefore here are some of the best KPIs for App Measuring and Mobile App Analytics Best Practices that you should track ? ? Before all, the first main driver question is: Wh...

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Jan 07, 2021
“Tiago Valente” – a Personal Branding Challenge

One of the things that we can’t change after we born, although nowadays it’s possible, it’s our name. It’s extremely hard (for all the reasons). I’ve born, fortunate and luckily (or not) with a “famous” name (including my surname), that was picked by...

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Nov 23, 2020
3️⃣4️⃣ lessons in 34 years

I turned 35 just recently. And as usual, I did a balance of my last year. But, this time I’ve decided to go a little deeper and go back a few more years…34 more precisely. Here’s a life retrospective with 34 lessons that I (believe) I’ve learned so f...

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Oct 29, 2020