Improv(e) Theater

I used to pretend I was in a sitcom or drama and have conversations with my imaginary co-star. Now I have you! I hope you aren't imaginary. Can we see that this life we live in is just an improvisation? We are just making it up as we go along. A...

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Oct 05, 2020
Balancing Time

When we think of balancing our lives some things might come up like the perfect ratio or maybe fitting everything in just right. Sometimes things flow just right, but if you notice, when you feel most in flow, it's when things aren't perfect, you are...

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Sep 06, 2020
Can we listen more?

Our days can become so full of talking at each other instead of listen, learning and witnessing each other. I share my thoughts on how we can use the less words and more open hearts like the Mystics to help us connect with the Holy Spirit.

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Aug 17, 2020
Accidental Heroes

Sometimes we are asked to do what seems like the impossible. That's the story of the underdog. The story of the everyday hero. Will you say yes?Join Rosie Velasquez, owner of The Mystic Rose in these weekly conversations and thought-provoking musings...

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May 15, 2020