Jan 28, 2022 7:56 pm


Hello there! Welcome to my tribe.

You're receiving this email because you entered a giveaway for YA fantasy books. (This one was actually ran back in October, so I totally get it if you've forgotten, and the unsubscribe button can be found at the bottom of the newsletter if you're no longer interested. I'd love for you to stay though!)

The reason it took so long for you to receive this email is simply because, like many of you, 2021 was a real struggle for me. I didn't write very many words anywhere, and this includes my newsletter. I'm now close to being back on track and looking forward to keeping up with you guys.

You'll get your first "real" installment of my newsletter this weekend. I always try to send it out the last weekend of the month, unless something too exciting to wait for comes up.


About me!

I am a USA Today best-selling author of mostly Urban Fantasy, although I have a couple of women's fiction titles out as well. My first book was published in May of 2019, and I'll include a link to my Amazon page below if you are interested in taking a look.

I'm also a wife and mother to five kids from the ages of 8 up to 22! I live in the PNW with my family and our dog. The ocean is my happy place and I enjoy hanging out at the beach and listening to the waves crash.

Travel is my favorite past-time and I go wherever I can, whenever I can. I just returned form a trip to California to see my grandfather who turned 91 years young yesterday (the 27th).

I love to hear from readers, so please feel free to email me for any reason! I enjoy making new friends and chatting about things we have in common, as well as learning new stuff! My social media is also listed below if you'd like to get connected!

Love Always, TLC