When Matt discovers Cecil is actually Cecelia, a shogun wedding is soon imminent!

Jun 21, 2021 3:26 pm


Good morning, my friends!

How is your summer going?

Mine is awesome so far. I was able to tag along with my kids on their vacation to Yellowstone and the great Rocky Mountains this summer.

I'm proud of myself. I worked hard to build up some endurance so I could do some hiking with them, and all it cost me was one toenail for my efforts!

But I did better than I thought I would, and the trip was amazing. The scenery was indescribable, pictures just don't do it justice. We got to see five grizzlies in the wild in Yellowstone, plus the Old Faithful Geyser erupting and tons of amazing sites.

Below is a picture of Silver Lake in Cottonwood Canyon in the Rockies near Salt Lake City. I truly love this area.


Moving right along, my most current release is still available on Amazon!

Why can’t men mind their own darned business?

Maddie Danvers is outraged when she and her husband move to the foothills of Kentucky and her husband receives some very unwanted advice. At least in her opinion! She likes her husband just fine the way he is, thank you very much! She doesn’t need the men in town interfering in their relationship.

The Reverend Heathcliff Danvers is new to the Parish of Brocton, and a novice at being a husband. His sweet and lovable wife, Maddie, seems to have developed some very stubborn and willful ways though, and he’s not sure how best to handle his little dynamo. When a well-meaning friend advises him to turn Maddie over his knee to slow her down and open her ears, the sparks fly!

It's fun and hijinks in the hills of Kentucky with these early American stories of life with Maddie and the man who loves her more than life itself.

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And coming in July, the sequel to The Maddie Stories, A Shotgun Wedding!

Snippet from A Shotgun Wedding...

image“We need to talk young lady,” Matt stated firmly, reaching for her arm and pulling her upright.

“No!” she exploded, quite surprised suddenly at how good that sounded. She didn’t have to just shake her head anymore, she could actually say it. “No, “ she repeated with conviction.

Matt was flummoxed. “Don’t tell me no, little girl, I said we are going to talk.” His dark blonde eyebrows drew together in a frown.

Cecilia’s green eyes flashed. “No! No…talk…to you,” She tested it experimentally, rolling the word 'no' off her tongue again and again. “No…no…no…no.”


She realized suddenly that it was giving her a lot of pleasure to deepen the scowl on his handsome face. “No…No…No…NO!” she exclaimed exultantly, proud of herself.

Matt rolled his eyes and growled. “Why does being bratty and defiant have to be the first thing you learn? I swear you sound like a one-year-old with her first word.”

“I…hate…you,” Cecilia announced defiantly. “Go…away!” She turned her back on him, caught between her feelings of excitement at being able to converse, and her anger at him for the pain he was causing her.

Matt couldn’t help it, he reached out and landed a sharp spank on the saucy backside that faced him.

Cecilia yelped and turned around again, her hands on her buttocks, and stared accusingly at him. “Stop…it!” She ordered, her lips trembling.

“You will either talk to me face to face, or I’ll bare your butt and talk to you with my hand to your bottom!”

“No,” she hissed defiantly, loving the sound of the word even more. She kept her hands protectively over her bottom cheeks, daring him to do his worst.

“You are really pushing it, little girl,” Matt bit out tersely. “You already have a spanking coming for stealing Eggs and coming up here alone. Are you wanting to add to it with your mouthy new attitude?”

“Not…steal…Eggs,” she protested, “borrowed…Eggs.”

“You were told to wait for me,” Matt snapped back. “Taking something without permission is stealing.”

“No!” She shook her head vehemently.

“You do like that word, don’t you?” Matt ground out, losing patience fast.

“Yes!” she replied emphatically, her green eyes rebellious.

“Then you can yell it all you want…while I’m blistering your butt,” he promised, reaching for her arm.


This is just how I picture Deputy Matthew McCracken!

However, there will be a cover reveal soon for A Shotgun Wedding!


And I have another release for you to check out from one of my awesome author friends!


Shane sought revenge and found his heart.

“A tough and sexy western romance”

Tawny lives for her horses. They are the sunshine in her otherwise bleak existence. As long as she has them she can make it through anything—but she has to marry the man her father lost her to in a drunken poker match. Andrew is a vile human being not suited to be anyone’s husband, but what choice does she have? If she refuses, her horses will be sold, and she’ll be cast out on her own.

Scared by witnessing his mother’s murder as a small boy, Shane is a broken man. It suits him well as a U.S. Marshal—softness only gets in the way in the Wild West. He takes no prisoners...until he sees Tawny, the daughter of the man who slaughtered his mother out of greed all those years ago. He finally has his means of revenge...he will steal the one thing of worth and crumble the man’s soul—he will steal his daughter.

Being kidnapped should be the worst thing that ever happened to Tawny, and for most women, it would be, but in a sick way, the beast that stole her saved her. She quickly realizes he too needs saving, that underneath the hard exterior that spanks her when she disobeys and refuses to let her leave is a man broken and in need of love. Love she finds herself longing to give.

Tawny’s Gold is a simmering Victorian Western Romance featuring a heroine who is stronger than she knows, a rancher who never deserved to be her father, a broken cowboy who seeks revenge when what he truly needed was love, spanking, the first time many things, and a guaranteed happy ever after. If you like your cowboys hot, your women strong, and your love a little less vanilla, Tawny’s Gold is for you.

Click Here!

And there you have it, my friends, a little update for you all. Enjoy your summer, and as always, enjoy reading during your summer! Pack that kindle with vacation romances!

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