Pack your kindle for .99 each!

Some great reads for you to check out, including my old-west historical book, A Shotgun Wedding! A deathbed promise, a young woman who can’t speak, and a compromising situation that is suddenl...

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Jun 03, 2024
Monthly Special just $1.99

Only two days left on my monthly special! Emma’s heart was broken when he enlisted and told her not to wait for him. Now their son is in danger and he shows up wanting answers? Yeah…good luck with that… 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴 Will Emma and Sawyer be able to reconnect...

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Apr 29, 2024
Free Books!

Now’s your chance to grab some free books and check out new book boyfriends. These are mostly clean romances! My book Protecting Vidalia is in there. You can get it free for a newsletter sign-up to check me out as well. Would love to see on my list w...

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Apr 16, 2024
Easter Gifts Galore!

It’s spring and our thoughts turn to warm weather, getting outside, and of course, our favorite pastime. READING! To celebrate the season, here are some gifts for you! What are you waiting for? Open to get the goodies inside and enjoy! https://sendfo...

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Mar 29, 2024
Only four days left to save!

The fun never stops at Neamh. Would YOU dare steal Angus’s biccie (cookie) stash?“ Only four days left to grab this funny, romantic mystery at the introductory price. You can read the first in the series, A Christmas H...

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Mar 19, 2024
Teaser Alert!

Are you ready for more of Angus? When Poppy turned around in the study and spotted him, she squealed in alarm and put her hand over her heart. “Angus! What are you doing here like a golem in the dark? You scared me half to death!” He shot her a disap...

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Mar 09, 2024
A Sweetheart of a Deal!

There is danger afoot in Hanover Park regarding the Christmas reindeer exhibit, and Marsha has gotten caught up in the middle of it. Can Oliver tame her feisty attitude and keep her safe? Available this week through Valentine’s Day. Congratulations t...

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Feb 12, 2024
Last Call for December Deals!

Check out my newsletter for all the last-minute December deals that will soon expire! I’m extending my Christmas Cash deal (details in newsletter link) to the 10th person to leave a reply below with the information requested! “Oh, goody,” you are say...

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Dec 25, 2023
Deals and Steals at Smashwords End Of Year Sale!

☃️❄️⛄️For the next few weeks, all of my Indie books will be discounted in Smashword’s huge end-of-year sale! Deals and steals like crazy for the holidays! AND 🔥🔥🔥My first book in the Eastcoast Spitfire series, Taming HIs Irish Spitfire will be listed...

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Dec 16, 2023