The Deluxe PROOF copy is HERE!

May 15, 2024 7:56 pm


The "DUMMY" copy of the Deluxe edition of the Shadow Watch has arrived, and it looks incredible!

I will just let these pics speak for themselves...

I can't even begin to say how much more incredible this book looks in person. 

Yes, they got the bookmark color wrong. And we are making some slight adjustments to a couple interior illustrations. But that's why we do this "dummy" copy, to catch any small things before they get mass produced. But I am beyond thrilled with how it looks at this stage! 

With only a couple minor adjustments left to make, we should be moving to the printing stage very quickly.

The Sequel Sale (and giveaway)

I've partnered with a bunch of other amazing authors to discount sequels. The Rage of Saints (Shadow Watch #2) is FREE, and Rogue Assassin (Pantheon #2) is discounted to $0.99.


But I went ahead and discounted nearly all of my books, because two wasn't enough. So if you haven't picked up the entire S.A. Klopfenstein library, now is a great time to remedy that.

See the links below!

Alright that's all for today.

Time to dive into an epic story!



The Shadow Watch Saga

The Shadow Watch (FREE)

The Rage of Saints (FREE)

The Darkling Queen ($0.99 - US / UK)

The Well of Shadows ($0.99 - US / UK)

Pantheon Online

Den of Thieves ($0.99 - most markets)

Rogue Assassin ($0.99 - most markets)