A New Year, A New Book, and a Look Ahead

Jan 30, 2023 6:01 pm


Happy New Year!

I hope the first month of 2023 has treated you well. If you’re into resolutions, I hope they’re still going strong. I always find this time of year a good one to reflect and look ahead. I wrote a much longer Year in Review post on my website, if you’re interested in the long version, but here are a few highlights.

A Little About Life

2022 has been a huge year for me, personally. It’s been a year of trying to be healthier (both mentally and physically) and find more balance. My second son, Parker, was born this spring, and both my sons have been enormous blessings. The time already is flying by, but I’ve loved seeing them grow through their early stages of life. Life is busy, but it is rich and good.


A Little about Writing

I managed to publish two books in 2022 for the first time. I had always wanted to release two in a year, and finally made it happen. It was a lot of work. I don’t have a ton of time, but if I optimize that time, I can still get a lot done. The key, I’ve found, is consistency. Both books were written in short spans of time each and every day. A little in the morning before work. A little during nap times. A little before I go to bed. This year, I learned a lot about the power of regular work, even if it’s a small amount.

If you haven’t already checked out my latest release, Rogue Assassin came out a few weeks ago, and people have been loving it!

Out now!


Now on Amazon!

This was also my biggest year, both in sales and profit, as an author. I’m especially grateful to all of you readers who have enjoyed my books, shared them with others, and supported my career. The growth and success this past year would not be possible without all of you! So thank you, thank you!

A Sneak Peek at What's to Come in 2023

  • Guild War (Pantheon Online #3) – This will complete the trilogy, and the first arc of a large multi-series story I’ve got planned. This is currently slated for an Oct. 2023 release, though may be earlier if all goes well. I’m currently about 25% done with the first draft.
  • Swordslinger (Legend of Saber #1) – This will be the next arc of the Realms of Pantheon universe, and will have a Logan/Witcher vibe set in a post-apocalyptic LitRPG world. I can’t say too much yet because it could involve some spoilers for Pantheon Online, but I can’t wait to start writing this series. I’m aiming to finish the first draft this year.
  • Shadow Watch (Special Illustrated Hardcover Edition) – This will most likely come together as a Kickstarter. I hope to include a bunch of illustrations (probably one for each of the thirteen parts of the book), a brand new cover, and some other bonus material as well (possibly a Tori and Darien origin short story and some commentary). I’ve been mulling this over for awhile, and really want it to happen this year, but I’ve got a lot of details to get ironed out first. Stay tuned, and if you know you’d be interested, or have some ideas for bonus material you want, I’d love to hear about it.

What I’m Reading

Just Finished - Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr

Reading Now - Dark Tower #1 by Stephen King and Atomic Habits

Have you read them? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Got any book recommendations? I’d love to hear about them.

All the best,

S.A. Klopfenstein

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