Introducing Den of Thieves

May 16, 2022 2:18 am


Introducing Den of Thieves

We are one week away from the launch of my new book, Den of Thieves!

This is a bit of shift from the Shadow Watch series, both in genre and tone, which was just what I wanted to explore with my next series. I would describe it as D&D meets Assassin’s Creed, with plenty of snark and humor mixed with lots and lots of action.

My editor (the same who worked on the Shadow Watch books) described it as my best work yet and one of her most enjoyable projects from the LitRPG genre. Which is about the best compliment a writer can receive.

Here’s what one of my early readers had to say:

“Imaginative and well-written, immersive and thought-provoking, fast-paced action and witty humour, adventure with a heart… This has been the first full-length LitRPG novel I've read and I must say I have now developed an interest in the genre. Klopfenstein has made the series starter pull the reader in and keep getting more into it by each development. The characters are interesting, the imagery is well described and the plot keeps one guessing, a thoroughly enjoyable read.”

I’d love your help with this new Launch

Honestly, the biggest piece of support for an indie author comes from early reviews and word of mouth. So I would love to get you an advanced copy for free, if you're interested. All I ask is that you help spread the word!

You can download the book here: 

Download Den of Thieves


Between now and Launch Day on May 23, I’d be incredibly grateful if you left a short review or rating for Den of Thieves. You can do so here:

Leave a review on Amazon

Leave a review on Goodreads

You could also share on social media and sites like Reddit.

Thanks so much for your support of my writing! I hope you enjoy this new series as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

All the best,

S.A. Klopfenstein

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