The Shadow Watch Title Pages are off to the Printer

May 09, 2024 5:00 pm


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Exclusive Art Reveal

Today, in addition to the latest Kickstarter update below, I wanted to give you Kickstarter subscribers an exclusive first look at the artwork for the campaign for the second Shadow Watch book, The Rage of Saints.

Once we start shipping copies of Book One, we will launch the next campaign (aiming for August), and I've been collaborating with several incredible artists the past few months to get everything ready.

Without further ado, may I present to you, "The Floating Mountains" by Joemel Requeza:


This one will be our full color end sheet illustration! I am soooo excited to see this one in print.

Now, for the Book One Kickstarter Update

Things are coming along very nicely. I just finished signing all our title pages and they are en route to the printer.

If you aren't familiar with how this works, basically, rather than sending me a whole bunch of books to sign, they send me pages that will then be bound into the book.

Just look at that big stack of title pages!

I also signed 600 Tori and Darien bookmarks. And they turned out absolutely beautiful.

What's Next for Book One?

The printer is currently preparing the mockup copy, where I will make sure our artwork is printing exactly how we want and make sure all the embellishments on the cover are correct (gilded edges, foil design, hubs, etc).

So long as there are no issues, we will be ready to get them printed.

Unfortunately, the printer has taken a little longer on this preparation process than we hoped, and there is a good chance that delivery will take place in July, rather than June. 

We are being quite persistent on our end to make sure things are moving along as fast as possible, while also making sure that the end product looks exactly right.

I'll be in touch soon, with photos of that sample copy as soon as it arrives!




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