The Works #8 - Tin Can is coming

Hey everyone,If you backed Samara & the Rangers of Centaria Preview last month, rest assured the files are at the printer and we're just waiting on them. With a busy summer ahead of me, I wanted to get moving on our next project, Tin Can.Please...

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Apr 13, 2024
The Works #7 - Books on various platforms

Hey everyone,I've been working with a new distributor to have my larger books released through various retailers. I must say that I've been pretty happy with the new editions of these books, their print quality, and the overall experience.If you've...

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Mar 30, 2024
Caspian Porter is up for a HEROIC Award! Votes needed!

Hey everyone,Caspian Porter is up for a HEROIC Award under the Peoples Choice category. Currently the book is in Round 3. I've got some stiff competition on this one and I'm hoping you all can take a few minutes to vote?Please vote here (Caspian is i...

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Mar 22, 2024