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Feb 26, 2023 5:45 pm

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The Women Weapons Magic Digest


My very own Kittycorn!


Howdy y’all!  I hope the first quarter of 2023 has been treating you well.  I have had a lot of difficulties this year, but I am looking forward to the brighter days ahead.  Mainly I’m focusing on my big book release in July and my first speaking engagement at a conference in April!  Oh, and I have more exciting news, but I can’t release that yet.  Just know I’ll send out another newsletter when I can reveal all the details.  

Stay safe! 

Until next time!



Friends, it’s finally time to see this cover I’ve been hiding for MONTHS.  I’m so excited about this book.  I really feel like it's one of the best stories I’ve written.  This book is about 70K words!!!

I’ve put it through my new brutal review process, which includes stops at my editor, a dive into AutoCrit, an in-depth review with ProWritingAid, having the computer read the book out loud to me so I can tweak even further, and finally feedback from betas. 

A lot of time and effort went into this story.  I originally wanted to submit this to a publisher, but some things came up and I changed my mind.  So, without further delay, here is the cover!



  Yes, you CAN pre-order the eBook right now! Paperback is coming July 1, 2023.

 Dead men tell no tales. Tempest Danvers tells tales for them.


Tempest Danvers has created a bestselling author career telling stories no one else can hear. For Tempest, giving a voice to the lost came naturally—until her beloved step-sister Maria shows up asking for help after her mysterious death. 

Now, instead of simply recounting a tale, Tempest will set out to track down a murderer armed only with her gumption and supernatural gift to speak to the dead.

MURDER IN LOFT 36 is coming on July 1, 2023!!

Calendars, Stationery, & More!

I jumped into the “low content” book world the other day.  It’s a chaotically beautiful place that has driven my mind into overdrive.  I received the sample shipment I ordered to see how my journals/notebooks looked IRL and they totally impressed me.  The one I love the most is the Fantasy Notebook because that’s my little dragon and my little saying!  I have many more books planned, including a coloring book with my kawaii style art!  

Wanna know how to snag your own journal or calendar?  Scroll down to the next section!    


The Rogue Goddess Rises



No, this isn’t the title of a new book, but rather the introduction of my new brand.  I know I’m a lot more than an author and sometimes when you go to my website it doesn’t feel like there is enough room for all the things.  That’s why I’ve made this new branch of my brand.  No more will it be “Obsidian Poet Press”.  From now on, the overarching name is going to be Rogue Goddess Productions/RGP.  I’ll also use this logo and the RGP name when I publish my books.    

So, what does this change for you?  Probably not much.  The website just gives me a place to direct people interested in my art, calendars, or mentoring services.  I’m still building some items I wish to display, but 98% of the site is complete.  Feel free to browse!  

The addition of this site allowed me to clean up and reorganize my main website of shannonmcroberts.com, especially this page: https://shannonmcroberts.com/books/.  Now I have the covers on the page with links to each books’ books2read link… but also a link to the page I dedicated to each series.  Check out The Daughter of Ares or Monster Hunter Tales series pages to see what I’m talking about!  

I also hope the gift page on RGP makes navigating my Redbubble a little easier as I’m organizing my personal page based on my designs.  If you click on a design you like, the link takes you to the page at Redbubble, which shows you all the offered products with the selected design.           


Direct link to the store: shannonsuzanne.redbubble.com

Other Shenanigans 

Tikity Tokety.  I mainly use TikTok to find new music LOL.  However, sometimes I put up videos with my books.  


I also have like 2 videos on the oldskool platform of YouTube!


Be sure to visit https://sleek.bio/shannonmcroberts and https://sleekbio.com/roguegoddessproductions to check out all my latest news, art, social links, and contact buttons!