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Mar 10, 2022 10:05 pm

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Hey everyone!  I know it’s been like a hot minute since I sent out a newsletter.  I blinked and suddenly it was 2022.  I feel like I have a million things to show you, but I have an author’s guild meeting in like 15 minutes!  So here is the TLDR;) version of the last 6 months….more or less:

What’s New?  Audio books!  If you go to Google Play, you can get several of my books in audio format.  I am testing a new program Google has out where their AI tech reads books.  Now, I’ve tried a lot of AIs in the past 3 years…but nothing has ever sounded half as good as Google AI.  

What Else?  TikTok!  https://www.tiktok.com/@shannonmcroberts  Now, you won’t see me going wild on here in a live video just yet.  However, you can see the videos I’ve tried to create.  

Anything Else?  I was in a video for a friend narrating part of his books!  You can check out the episode here.  Ren is a good friend and a great sci-fi author.  https://youtu.be/WrLGpWe-V5k

Is That All?  I have a Discord server….somebody come join me!  Discord isn’t just for gamers…and you don’t have to do voice chat.  It’s a platform available online, as a computer download, and as an app for your mobile devices. If I made this link right, you can pop into my server.  https://discord.gg/xTDK5rQQRp  And yes, I am really Rogue Goddess. :)  



On the new book front, I finally published The Secret of Psi Corp X:  Miranda’s Tale!  This book completes my Daughter of Ares Chronicles and is a direct sequel to The Secret of Genetic Corp X

Did you know Gen X, as I call the book, was the first prose book I wrote and published? Psi X comes to you now 15 years after I published Gen X,

I’m not ashamed of my earlier books. I know they are decent, but I also know my story telling has improved since way back in the day.  Anyone who reads these two books back to back will probably pick up on the different styles.  

Originally, I entertained the idea of retconning my Daughter of Ares Chronicles books.  Now I think I’m going to put Athine and her history to bed.  I’m going to use some of the ideas from my first series to make a whole new story.  Besides, I have so many WIPs it’s not even funny!  Who even has time to rewrite a whole series fans already enjoy?

You can grab both ‌books for $0.99 each.  You don’t have to read any of my other books to enjoy these two books.  




Are you more than just your DNA? Are you really you without your memories?

Zarra believed, after she tore down Genetic Corp X, she would finally be free. With the company dismantled and everyone who knew the truth about Zarra dead, she couldn't fathom any problems sinking into anonymity. Not wanting to waste a second of freedom, Zarra continues on with her plan to disappear with a new identity. Everything seems to go according to plan; so, why do assassins keep showing up on her doorstep?

After being injured in a brutal skirmish, Miranda Roseland spent the last ten years of her life stuck in a hellish coma fueled nightmare of blood and snow. Now she finds herself released from her nightmare with a fresh chance at life. But instead of taking her well-earned retirement from military life, Miranda learns the owner of Psi Corp X needs someone with her particular set of skills. The job is simple: covertly follow a global security threat and keep tabs on them. Finding herself itching to get back into action, Miranda agrees to an all expense paid year-long contract with Psi Corp X. She doesn't realize, until after she starts investigating her target, this simple job may end up costing her father his life.

Join Miranda in a race against the clock as she searches for the secrets of Psi Corp X while trying to end the threat against her father. Scroll up and purchase your copy today to read the sequel of the book others have compared to Blade Runner.



My name is Zarra Perez, or at least that is what I am told. I have no recollection of that name or the face in the mirror.

Genetic Corp X is one of the world's premier tissue and organ cloning centers. Medical breakthroughs of all kinds have originated from the work done at the facility.

Zarra Perez was their lead research scientist on her way to curing Alzheimer's disease—until a nearly fatal accident left her with no personal memories or sense of self.

Her father and husband want her to return to the life they say she had before her accident. However, even with no sense of personal identity, Zarra isn't content to allow others to dictate her life.

In her desperate search to remember who she is, Zarra uncovers the horrible truth about Genetic Corp X. Now she faces a moral dilemma that could cause her own death.

Join Zarra in her search for her lost memories and find out what the secret of Genetic Corp X really is! Scroll up and purchase your copy today to read the book others have compared to Blade Runner​​​​​​​.


Art Corner!

Check out my new art!  




To buy my art on things like magnets, stickers, journals, and more visit my Redbubble store here:  https://www.redbubble.com/people/shannonsuzanne/shop

To buy prints of things that may not be in my Redbubble, you can jog over to Deviant:



I’m trying to attempt to blog more and to post more of my art and processes on my blog.  Be sure to stop by www.shannonmcroberts.com and check out my articles, tips, tricks, ideas, and other general craziness.   

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