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Jul 02, 2021 10:48 pm

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What’s this ANOTHER newsletter?  Yup, that’s right!  I have some exciting things to share with you.  Also, HAPPY 4th of JULY to all my American peeps.  My daughter bought so many fireworks last month, it’s crazy.  She’s 12 so you know...and as a bonus, I get to take them to the in-laws’ house and they are going to set them off in their big field LOL.  No clean up for me!            





It’s been a long time coming, but I can FINALLY release the news on this project.  Not only did I contribute TWO works of art….but also a short story!!  None of which have been released before this anthology nor are they available anywhere else.  This book is available in KU in FULL COLOR and also as a FULL COLOR paperback.  I’m telling you the shots of the art on the full color paper copies is awesome! 


Art Corner!


I love making art.  I’ve recently come to a heart to heart with myself and have decided maybe I should stop trying to make my art look like everyone else’s work and just embrace MY way?  I’ve noticed on several of my favorite pieces I do certain things….secret sauce if you will….that make the pictures seem to have a certain style.  Which in the end is what all artists strive for….a distinguishable style.  

I’m not giving up on learning basic things like composition and matte painting, but I’m going to take those ideas and filter them through my own creative lens.  

Here are some of my recent works...which I’ve also added a bunch of items to my Redbubble!

You can check my work out in many ways.  The easiest way to see most links is to visit https://sleek.bio/shannonmcroberts

To buy my art on things like magnets, stickers, journals, and more visit my Redbubble store here: 


To buy prints of things that may not be in my Redbubble you can jog over to Deviant:


imageAwesome New Reads!



Are you looking for a hot new read?  Check out this new UF Valkyrie Cursed: A Paranormal Vampire Romance (The Rogue Valkyrie Series Book 1).  It’s available in KU or for $0.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME--like ends 7/4/21.  I got to read an ARC of this book and I loved it!  Don’t miss your chance to get it on sale!  



I have another exciting book for you to look at.  This one is also in KU and available for $0.99!  Do you want a new take on Arthurian legends? Then you have to check this book out!  It’s so well written with such interesting twists and turns.   


High Praise for my latest release! Makes a great long weekend read!

Check it out at https://books2read.com/contessa



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