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Nov 26, 2020 8:18 am

News & Updates from USA Today Bestselling Author & Creative Deconstructionist Shannon McRoberts


The Women Weapons Magic Digest




Greetings and Salutations Dear Reader!

By the time this newsletter reaches your inbox, it will be Thanksgiving Day in America.  Normally you get one of two things from us Americans this time of year:  thankfulness emails or Black Friday emails!

Yeah, well, I don’t have any special sales.  I keep my prices low all year long on my books because I want everyone to be able to afford them.  So, I guess maybe I need to write a thankfulness email?  Or do I?

How about this instead:  I’ll offer you an opportunity to enter a contest to win some of my new stickers! (kind of like in the picture below).  How will this work?  You reply back to this email and tell me what you are thankful for

Then I’ll pick a random winner and mail you some stickers featuring my art.  If you live in the US, I will probably mail them myself, but if you live abroad, I may drop ship you stickers from my Redbubble store.  They are the same quality, but I imagine it might be cheaper on shipping for me to do it this way.    

Let’s say entries are due by midnight on 12/1/2020 in EST.     



imageAN HONOR!

Last year I started on a journey of a thousand miles.  Or at least it feels like it at this point.  One of the three anthologies I was part of starting in the Winter of 2019 has been recognized as a finalist in the Best Book Awards.  Out of over two thousand entries our little book earned a finalist spot.  They only recognized 400 of the entries, which is impressive in my mind since we were also competing against some of the BIG publishing companies.



You can read my story exclusively in this anthology.  You can grab your paperback copies here while supporting my publisher:  https://balance-of-seven.square.site/


Art Corner!

I got lost in art again last month.  I made some drawings and for the first time in my life people went crazy over them.  I used to hate Procreate, but I REALLY liked it after watching these tutorials I had bought. 


Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to make “cute” things, but I never knew how.  I had several courses squirreled away to learn some day.  I watched one of the free ones I picked up and boy howdy I suddenly got an idea for my unicorn later in the week.

Plus, these gifts are definitely easier than trying to score a PS5 during this holiday season!  

You can check ALL THE THINGS over at shannonsuzanne.redbubble.com


I also made some of my more usual pieces.  The Bone & Ash very well may be a cover to a WIP!  

You can see bigger pictures at my Deviant:  https://www.deviantart.com/shannonmcroberts


imageA NEW BOOK?


Do you remember my USA Today Bestselling book run?  You had a limited time to grab the anthology to secure your copy of The Price Of Magic.  Originally, I intended to not offer this story for sale until sometime in late 2021 or maybe 2022.  But you know what?  This year has been crap.  So, I’ve got this baby locked and loaded.  Now, given the holiday, this probably won’t be live for a bit, but when it is this link will update!  




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