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Dec 11, 2022 7:44 am

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The Women Weapons Magic Digest



Wow. I blinked, and somehow it’s almost Christmas! I had a pretty good year of creating in both art and writing, even though some days I don’t feel like I accomplished much.

Earlier this month, I was a tad bit flabbergasted to learn I had sold several paper copies of books online. I don’t know who has been buying them, but it’s a great feeling to open your email and find out people have been buying the paper books. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my mom either, since she gets copies of all my books directly from me LOL.  

Speaking of creating, wanna know what kind of stuff I listen to while I’m creating? Check out this list from my 2022 Spotify Wrapped thingy! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1F0sijgNaJdgit?si=1f0aaf22d73a4eae  

Are you excited about Christmas or the holiday season? I’m looking forward to having several days off from the day job, but I am not looking forward to the amount of things I have scheduled to do from now until the 25th!  

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 Dead men tell no tales. Tempest Danvers tells tales for them.


Tempest Danvers has created a bestselling author career telling stories no one else can hear. For Tempest, giving a voice to the lost came naturally—until her beloved step-sister Maria shows up asking for help after her mysterious death. 

Now, instead of simply recounting a tale, Tempest will set out to track down a murderer armed only with her gumption and supernatural gift to speak to the dead.

MURDER IN LOFT 36 is coming in 2023!!

Free Book!!

As 2022 comes to a close, I’ve decided to bring forth a new “reader magnet”. As you know, I’ve been publishing books since 2005. After almost 17 years of writing and perfecting my craft, I felt it was high time to release a new book for my loyal fans. This book reflects my current style of writing and includes a brand new exclusive story! Click this link here to grab a copy for yourself.      image


How does this work? You click on the link and input your email. As long as the email input is currently on my mailing list, the service will send you a copy of the book. You may have an “opt in” email come from BookFunnel before you get the book download page, but rest assured you aren’t subscribing to my list again. However, if you are a subscriber I brought with me to my new mail service a few years ago and haven’t ever received my “welcome” emails, you may receive those. My newsletter provider is pretty “smart” and if you’ve ever signed up before, the list remembers you to avoid sending you the same thing again and again.  

If you can’t get this link to work, you can always go to https://dl.bookfunnel.com/m5eid37de6 and sign up for the list again. 


If neither of these options work for you, please reach out to me via reply and I will see what I can do. I tested these scenarios myself with my email that wasn’t on the list and my email that was on the list and I didn’t have any issues getting the book to download for me.    

Other Shenanigans 


FINALLY!!!! I got a Scarlett action figure–and it was on clearance. Seven-year-old me would be ecstatic. This one looks 100 times better than the one from the 80s anyway!  


Back in July 2021, I backed this product on Kickstarter. It came in on 12/10/22. I can’t wait to dive into this when I have some time and use the cards to enhance my story ideas!   


I had a great time this year at several in person events. Here is my set-up for an event I did with my local writer’s group (Bluegrass Writers Coalition or BWC for short). I’m stoked to be part of this group as we move forward with our 501(c)3 status to help spread literacy throughout Kentucky. If you’d like to donate to our group so we can interact with the community even more visit https://www.bluegrasswriterscoalition.com/donate

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