Talking Photography N'at March 10 7:00 pm EST on zoom • link in the email.

Mar 07, 2021 11:06 pm


Talking Photography N’at a virtual meet up Wednesday 7:00 to 8:30 PM EST

We meet using Zoom Meeting


Spring is in the air, and many of us are ready to venture out and make new work. What are you planning and why? If you do, send me 1024 pixels on the long side image file saved as a jpeg at 72 PPI save at high quality around 10.

Please send them to using Google Drive or We Transfer. We are no longer accepting DropBox links.

Sorry if you missed the last meet-up because the links got crossed. Zoom tricked me a bit, and I apologize for your misconnection. I believe now that I have a few ways to connect that all lead to the conversation. The link in the email above, the, my Linktree in the Instagram bio, and on the website'at/1.

The past few meetups have been discussion-focused, and I really like it - we will, from time to time, showcase a photographer in the meanwhile. If you have some photos or a topic you want to throw out, let's do it.

As I look out at the predictable (or rather unpredictable) next few months, I will hold off on the traditional Richard Kelly Experience workshops and instead continue 1:1 online coaching sessions for all levels and interests. I have worked with photographers on business practices, portfolio development, digital workflow, printing with labs, and asset management best practices. I am also thinking of trying out a "hybrid workshop option" for 1-5 people who want to work on the same skills you can collaborate to decide the objectives and assignments. These will be a mix of online meetings and regular in-person meet-ups. I am thinking mostly outside projects and segueing to indoor small groups. Suppose any of these sound enticings, let me know. My schedule will start filling up by early April.

I am also looking to add to the website the websites, and Instagram links to anyone who regularly attended the TPnat meetups. Send me your links, and I will add them as we go.

See you on Wednesday.

Richard Kelly