Join us for Talking Photography N’at • August 10 2021 • 7 P.M. EDT

Aug 07, 2021 2:01 am


What was the last photograph you took?

I am speaking from my perspective. For many photographers, this summer has been a rebirth of visual experiences. The past year I have consumed more images than ever before from books, magazines, websites, and even Instagram, and I have picked up my camera and framed the world in front of me with new vigor. I told my mentor just yesterday that even though I wasn't compelled to "photograph" the pandemic, I am now motivated to photograph the new world. 

Taking a break in July was an excellent opportunity to reflect on this community that we have created. I appreciate the conversations and friendships that continue to "develop" daily through our shared interest in photography. In addition to the Stand Up Paddleboarding, my family and I visited Clemson for Grace's first college tour this past month, then spent a week near Kiawah Island, South Carolina, and of course, currently driving with a teenager and her learners permit. 

I am also knee-deep into a new project that I will share more details about in the coming months:

  • A culmination of relationships.
  • A geographic point on the compass.
  • Starting a conversation that our country needs to have.

How about that for a vague outline - I hope I write that down somewhere. 

After the August Talking Photography N'at, we will be moving to the second Wednesday of the Month - as I am teaching two courses this semester at Point Park University, and they are in the evening Tuesday and Thursday.

Over the break, I established a Slack group for us to stay in contact between virtual meetups. Here is the link for an invitation -

I hope you join us and share links and photos and keep the conversation going. 

A few regular contributors to the Talking Photography N'at have been up to some exciting work the past few months.

Kristi Jan Hoover installed her three prints at the Children's Museum. 

Polly Whitehorn had her exhibit opening at the Beacon Art Shortwave Gallery in Stone Harbor, New Jersey (  with some interesting "twists of lemon." 

David Robert Farmerie - completed a fascinating Artist Residency in Wilson, North Carolina (

Lisa Marie Cirincione, who lives in State College, Pennsylvania, is still in Tokyo for the Summer Olympics in her work in NBC Sports Television. She is sharing some of her experiences on Instagram:

And Ralph Musthaler took his street photography to a new neighborhood on a recent visit to New York City.

Thank you to everyone for keeping the print sharing alive and a worthwhile experience. I have received some beautiful images, and I am preparing for my next round to go out in early September. If you need access to the mailing addresses, drop me a note.

I hope to see you next Tuesday, August 10th at 7 P.M. EDT as we get back to Talking Photography N'at. Have I ever mentioned that it is FREE! 

See you then. Here is the Zoom Link

So show us what the last photograph you took was? 

If you have images you would like to share prepare and send them to using Google Drive or We Transfer We are no longer accepting DropBox links.

Please share this with anyone who you think might be interested in joining us.

The link in the email above, the, my Linktree in the Instagram bio, and'at/1.

See you on August 10th.

Richard Kelly