Buttle demons in Butler! Summon the Imps!

i made another game in 72 hours with pals for ludum dare and it's OUT NOW!it's a imp-matching arcade puzzle game where you play as a butler(-in-training) who has to deal with an impfestation that has taken over the manor! summon your own imps, match...

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Apr 16, 2024
you're just imagining it, out now 🩺

hello! you're just imagining it, my new game for #nanoreno2024, is out now. it's a chronic illness simulator that i made because i was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness.you're just imagining iti also have a post where i talk a little bit more...

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Mar 31, 2024
2/29 out on 2/29 to be played on 2/29 ✨

hello! i decided to make a game in ~4hrs on february 29 that you can only play properly on february 29!it's only maybe 5 minutes long so find some time on this day that only comes once every four years to play it 🗓️ you can play it right in your brow...

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Feb 29, 2024
Marron's Day demo out now! 🥕

Marron's Day demo is out TODAY! help your friends and plant flowers in the demo on steam which is available for The Storyteller's Festival from today until february 4th!the demo has a story portion & a minigame portion - you can play both. go wis...

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Jan 29, 2024
new game: snack machine change!

hello! this will be my last newsletter of the year & it comes with news of a new game!it's a 10-minute story about a boy who is waiting at the hospital for his sister's check-up to be finished, featuring a little boy named boo (on the left in the...

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Dec 15, 2023