Get your kids moving this Halloween!!!!

Oct 22, 2020 7:16 am

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for signing up to the Move Dance Learn newsletter. I have had my kids at home for much of this week with colds and sniffly noses meaning they are not allowed in school until 'all symptoms have cleared'. I mean seriously, does a child's nose really ever stop running - mine don't seem to!

So apart from making them 'rest' - yeah right like they wanted to do that and not be watching screens all day which they would love, I have had to be extremely strong willed and listen to their pleads for screens (because they are tired and battling a cold) and push them to do of all things PLAY for most of the day. All in all they are pretty good at playing together, especially imaginary games where every second sentence starts with - and pretend we are or pretend there is or pretend you have to.... it is just getting them to settle on a topic of play that they all agree to!

But I have also been conscious of the fact that they need to keep their bodies moving, which when you aren't feeling the best isn't always something you want to do. And so we have been having a lot of kitchen dance parties, playing indoor tag and the one they seemed to love the best - piling all the couch cushions and pillows in a pile and racing and climbing up to the top - oh and jumping on and off them!

But on top of all of that they have also enjoyed watching themselves on the Halloween dance tutorial some of them helped me create - have you seen it yet? It is up right now on the Move Dance Learn Youtube channel, but I am going to give you the link to the Move Dance Learn Website where I have an embed of the video, as I wrote an article with a whole heap of information about the symbols of Halloween some of which are in the video so you have some info to talk about and discuss with your kiddos after doing the lesson. There are also ideas for learning in other areas of a school curriculum as well in there if you are needing some ideas!

Till next week - Keep Moving, Dance and Learning

Coach Samantha

'If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.'

- Ignacio Estrada, director for grants administration at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.