Instagram LogoHi, my name is Amy and I'm the face behind these posts. I used to share my mixing babies and business life stories over @amymaureenlynch but decided–due to much pandemic induced contemplation–it was time to 'give birth' to a business account. Please join me in welcoming to the world this beautiful, slowly growing IG profile, DOB May 2020. ?? Time to reintroduce myself for new scrollers and old faithfuls (in case you missed me)! This photo is from July 2016 when we had our first son in England. It's two weeks after an emergency c-section birth and I'm slooooowly and painfully walking (if you can call it that) around Queen's Park in London. In my comfy trousers–pants are undies there–which are also my PJs at times. My Mom snapped it after arriving from Canada to meet her first grandkid and help me leave our flat more often as my husband had to return to work. I can hardly wash a teacup without crying–this really happened–and I'm not supposed to carry anything heavier than my baby...he was 99th percentile, so I had to level up quick! Despite all of this, I figured out how to get him in an extra long baby wrap based on a YouTube video, left the house before 10 a.m. with a bundle of babe on the outside of my belly (so bizarre) and waddled down to meet Grandma at the Thameslink after her long flight. I am winning at life. ? Things were going so well. Why not join a 10-week startup accelerator in one of the busiest areas of the city with my newborn while I was at it? So I did. Sporting those very same trousers, baby wrap, my little dude and a laptop at times. Four-and-a-half years and another kid later, I haven't stopped bringing my WHOLE self into business settings – children and diaper bag stuffed with tech gear included. The End. --------- Ok – not really. But I am limited in my character count on here. If you want to learn more about my flexible work adventures, how I mix babies and business and access some free resources about all of the above (zebra pattern trousers not included), visit the links in my bio or subscribe to our newsletter here: ----------- Nice to (re)meet you!
Instagram LogoOver the summer, I worked with a local business to apply for the @digitalmainstreet ShopHERE program and help them build a @shopify website, we then applied to Futureproof through @investottawa and they've been working with their team of digital advisors to help get their main street business online and in front of a growing audience they hadn't yet reached. I was able to do all of this as a remote work arrangement, while also looking after our kids on weekdays and continuing to build my own business. I appreciate and believe in the impact the program has sooooo much that I applied to be a Digital Main Street Ambassador at the end of the summer and up until now, have been sharing their resources, regular online events and program updates with the subscribers of my bi-weekly newsletter where I curate and share opportunities for #mixingbabiesandbusiness. I've yet to complete the full suite of online training modules provided with the DMS program myself but I'm getting through them slowly and surely. This type of digital literacy training is timely and essential for you to participate in as a small business owner, regardless of your growth stage. The demand for countries to upskill their workforce and the general public through improved digital literacy began with the slow rise of remote work over the past decade and it's become crucial to help you innovate to remain connected with your customers, clients and colleagues in 2020. The Digital Main Street program is available to Ottawa-based businesses and is available now – get yourself to the link in my bio and sign up (it's FREE!!!) and start investing in yourself today because we don't know what the future may bring but you can be certain it will include the need for businesses to embrace digital tools in order to better react and adapt to new trends in consumer behaviour and technology use. #ILoveOttBiz #DigitalMainStreet24 #ottbiz #ottcommunity #remotework #digitalliteracy
Instagram LogoJOIN US ON NOVEMBER 25th @ 10 A.M.! ⬇️ RSVP ONLINE FOR SESSION + RECORDING LINKS at the link in our bio or here ( and bring your kids–or not, totally up to you–to hear from our guest speakers, Sheena Brady, Founder, Tease Tea and Founder and Co-Owner, Founders Fund and Solange Tuyishime, President & CEO, Elevate International! This isn't a Zoom login and stare session: We want to hear from you, answer your questions, share Sheena and Solange's experiences as parents and professionals, while also having a bit of fun during a time when we need to get creative in order to stay connected. Please join us if you're interested, we'd love to see you (and your family)! ---------------------- REBRANDING ROLL OUT ?? I'm undergoing a rebrand at the moment and full on embracing Mixing Babies And Business™ as my work evolves in the pursuit to keep producing parent-friendly professional development. We can no longer easily 'breakfast' together but that doesn't mean the morning events are going anywhere (yet)! Depending on attendance levels and interest in the upcoming session later this month / potential holiday season online meetup, I'll be adjusting our event programming for 2021. ? ACTION REQUIRED: If you've been meaning to attend one of our events and/or want to in future, please let me know by RSVPing for our November 25th session or comment below/DM us with the type of topics you'd like to learn more about! ---------------------- ✨ Special thanks to our guest speakers for sharing their time and experiences with our audience and to @coursbayviewyards home of @investottawa for supporting these #mixingbabiesandbusiness events through their Bayview Meetups program.✨