Baby In The Boardroom: Online Workshop This Month

Jul 08, 2022 3:11 pm


It's been a few weeks since I last wrote to you.

We've been riding the 'long allergies or is it a summer cold?' / end of school year / start of summer camps / COVID positive / isolating at home rollercoaster for the past month. So this newsletter took a break and I've been doing my best to keep things 'normalish' at home!

Maybe it's because of the connections I have, the stories they post and the issues they advocate for but for a 'summer break' season it doesn't seem like a vacation it is more of a breaking point.

Between the lack of affordable childcare, the childcare which Government says will become more affordable but not everyone or every organization qualifies for, the changes to legal matters affecting women's bodies and their reproductive rights, the continued discrimination in business and political settings toward women, their bodies and their is a lot right now.

There always has been a lot to understand, digest, speak out against, campaign for and work to change but the 'return to the office', 'keep your kids out of parliamentary proceedings' and 'business as usual' amidst legal changes which affect people's daily lives and future plans, illustrates how much there is to be done for human rights, caregivers and women in general.


*Sourced from the Being Boss newsletter

In addition to the links above, I've listed a few upcoming community events and resources below, hopefully I will connect with you at some point over the coming months.

Stay well and look after yourself, I hope you have a restful weekend and I'll be back in your inbox next Friday with a roundup of parent-friendly business news, events and opportunities.


– Amy Lynch (+ Family)

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Thursday, July 21st @ 2-2:30 PM EST

Baby In The Boardroom [FREE Online Workshop]

Learn about my experiences bringing my kids into business settings as a presenter, attendee and event organizer since 2016 – key takeaways will focus on how you can prepare for pitches, presentations and meetings alongside your babies and young kids, show up as you are and recover afterwards.

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Thursday, August 18th @ 11-11:30 AM EST

Mixing Babies And Business™ Summer Meetup [FREE Online Event]

Network with other parents and talk about all things entrepreneurship, flexible and remote work with kids (babies, pre-school and school age children always welcome)!

Mixing Babies And Business™ Podcast Season 4 [Streaming on all podcast platforms]

Launching in August through October, with mini episodes every Tuesday and Friday, where I speak with parents who are also business and community leaders about all things work and life with young kids.

Remote Work With Kids [Watch on YOUTUBE]

I did a talk on stage while babywearing and breastfeeding in front of 400+ online and in person attendees in May 2022 – it is now available to watch as a 20-minute replay.


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