Having A Voice + Advocating For Baby Change Tables

Sep 08, 2023 7:04 pm


✨📝 I have been a bit frozen in time

All summer long, I was out of your inbox and spreading parent-friendly goodness through the podcast internet airwaves. Scroll for a seasonal update from me, some happy progress news and a bit of a call to accidental activism action for you, dear reader!

I wasn't 'gone', I was there in another format, interviewing six parents who are also business leaders for Season 5 of the Mixing Babies And Business™ Podcast, which rolled out from late May through August 2023.

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In between the interviews, edits and promotions, I was doing the logistics of Summer Camps with our two older kids who aren't alway in the same age group for activities and our toddler who was meant to be in a daycare situation by late Spring (fell through 😳) but is always happy to go along for the ride.

So my Summer resembled a lot of back and forth, A to B to C to parks, parking lots, splash pads, ice cream spots and overall trying to enjoy the sunshine while not feeling too anxious about our lack of consistent and reliable childcare.

But then we found a daycare centre...hurrah! And recently a home daycare closer to our local school...extra hurrah! So perhaps by the end of 2023, I can have the ever-elusive 'routine' for work / school / life sorted? Knowing how this often rolls, there will be a regular round of germs, sick days, unpredictability and curve balls. Because, this is life, right?

School Week One is officially "done" as I'm writing this before I do the daycare pickup, commute and school pickup before the weekend.

And I'm feeling inspired this week to share some positive news with you and also to give you a bit of a boost in the community and local activism direction:

  • I was invited to attend an in person roundtable at Amazon's HQ hosted by Startup Canada with Ontario Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade Victor Fedeli, where I got to speak for four minutes about my work, challenges and progress to date. In addition to funding for schools, teachers, early childhood educators to create more daycare spaces, I of course spoke about creating parent-friendly business spaces. Read my recap of this experience via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7102015218007859200/

  • After reflecting upon this in person roundtable, I realized I've had quite a few opportunities over the past two years especially, to "speak truth to power" and "have a seat at the table", thanks to joining the Startup Canda Communities network in 2021 and now as an Ecosystem Support Partner. None of this Government Relations work is compensated for me, I show up because I want to be there if an opportunity presents itself and it makes sense for my health and family's needs at the same time. There is a summary of the things I've chatted about and politicians I've met on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7103074913346875393/

And what about you? What can you do?

When I have met other politicians over the years, I have spoken about how I have advocated for safe business spaces for parents and their families and this often means the provision of simple but very effective amenities, such as baby change facilities and a private and comfortable area to feed your child.

I usually share the positive news that my accidental activism has resulted in not one but TWO baby change tables being installed at Bayview Yards, the home of Invest Ottawa.

Every now and then, I get a comment online or a private message when someone has encountered a lack of baby change facilities OR they have seen positive news and progress being made in this area. They think of me and share their thoughts.

But I am not everywhere and I can't always be advocating for these things solo, as life is moving on, time is limited and of course, I am only one person.

So I've created a simple page on the Mixing Babies And Business™ website where you can download a "Mixing Babies And Business™ Baby Change Table Request Template" as a Word Docx file [9KB]. ⬇️


It includes simple suggestions, links to commercial baby change facility providers and a few areas you can customize as you see fit.

If you feel inspired to share the website page with your network of parents, the link for more information and the letter is here: https://mixingbabiesandbusiness.com/change/

Let me know what you think!

Have you already tried this?

Has it worked for you in the past?

What has been your feedback from the business or contact you spoke with?

I'm always curious to learn more and open to feedback but for now, hopefully this will be a quick start for any of you readers who are also parents – or supportive friends and colleagues of parents, who would like to advocate on their behalf.

📮Until next time, thank you for reading and sharing with your network!💜

– Amy Lynch (+ Family)

Founder, Event + Podcast Host

Mixing Babies And Business™

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