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Sep 29, 2023 6:00 pm


✨📝 When life makes you pause

Scroll for parent-friendly news and opportunities...but first a personal update about how one day can go many ways.

September 14, 2023, I shared this update on LinkedIn:

Life is unpredictable. I'm sure you've felt this at some point. One moment your day is going one way and then things change in an instant.

Trigger warning: Yesterday afternoon on my drive home from the daycare I was working from, where I had joined the virtual government roundtable I posted about (continued below), my car was hit at an intersection.

I was driving with my toddler on the way to school pickup for our older two kids. Luckily I was the only one injured, our car has been towed and is done, but that is a minor problem which can be solved.

The mother in front of me also had her 2.5 year old toddler with her but thankfully they are fine. She ran out to help me, as did an off duty nurse and other bystanders before the first responders arrived.

Within 10 minutes, we had a stuffed toy panda from the firefighters for my son and were in the back of an ambulance feeding the kids, doing the police report and health checks.

My husband was able to get the kids before school closed, the neighbours made them dinner and looked after them, grandparents drove into the city to help us. Work has been rescheduled, appointments have been made, life for the next while is being adjusted.

I will be mostly offline over the coming weeks to sort out things related to the accident but I wanted to share how fragile life is and never in our complete control.

I try to be as present and intentional as I can be in each moment with my life, work and family. I'm thankful to kind strangers and a supportive community when moments like these happen. 

A post I shared on LinkedIn that very same day (September 13th) at 2 p.m.

Looks like a boardroom but today I'm at my youngest son's daycare, which has a coworking space for parents. Living my dreams out loud!

image image

I just finished attending a virtual roundtable with Senator Colin Deacon, Independent Senator from Nova Scotia and entrepreneur, hosted by Startup Canada's Natasha Hope Morano, to discuss the federal procurement process for entrepreneurs, current challenges and ideas for future solutions and improvements.

While the session was private and won't be shared publicly, I can tell you I spoke for three minutes during the daycare centre's naptime, with some baby and toddler noises in the background.

I shared my experiences delivering professional services as a sole proprietor working with program leaders who were funded by federal, provincial and municipal levels of government in Ottawa, Ontario and Canada, as well as things I've been a part of as a newcomer and participant in programming in England, Ireland and Australia, that I thought worked well.

I had a few suggestions, things to explore but was mainly there to listen and learn, so I can continue sharing helpful resources with business owners, freelancers, contractors and entrepreneurs who also happen to be parents.

A week after the accident, I shared a photo of my desk at the daycare coworking space as I had snapped it on the 13th because I wanted to share a behind the scenes pic of where I was working from.

This was when I was handwriting thank you notes for my Season 5 Podcast guests (better late than never)!

I guess they're extra special now as a firefighter pulled them out of my car before they towed it to the yard. All addressed, signed and full of little parent-friendly gifts, waiting to be stamped and posted around Canada, Australia and India.

That first post was met with plenty of positive feedback but my subsequent accident-related posts have also had many kind messages and well wishes for our family.

I've always loved sending snail mail and this Season's podcast gifts will be extra special. In my current 'healing' time, I'm practicing and creating more art by hand, not by screen, so maybe I'll venture into personal gifting.

Do you do anything like this to send people updates, gifts or thank yous?

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I'll be back in your inbox in early November,

– Amy Lynch (+ Family)

Founder, Event + Podcast Host

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