[Have Your Say] Creating Safe Business Spaces For Primary Caregivers

Apr 11, 2023 8:30 pm


✨📝 Creating Safe Business Spaces For Primary Caregivers 📢

Stay tuned for this Friday's curated newsletter of parent-friendly business news, events and opportunities, but first:

Look at me, all bright eyed and babywearing my 14-week-old at an in person event for team leaders focused on exploring the potential of remote work back in 2018.


The event was titled "Harnessing the Power of Workplace Mobility to Attract and Retain Millennials and Gen Z".

I am a millennial and by that point had done remote work since 2014, flexible and freelance work since 2007 and I guess what is now called hybrid work, between those dates up until then.

I was now a parent of two kids under 2.5 years old, bringing them into business settings and the only person who brought their baby along that day (and many days before and after that).

At the end of the workshop presentation, they had time for Q&A and I raised my hand from the back row of the room to say a quick mini pitch about how I am a millennial, had been remote working for a few years and if anyone had any questions about my experiences to date I'd be happy to share with them afterward.

*crickets chirping*

*heart palpitations*

*sweaty already from the babywearing*

👀 The speakers said thank you, smiled but no one came to speak with me after the session. Not a one.

I did have a lovely person offer to give me their seat when I arrived at the beginning of the workshop, then Deborah Naczynski smiled, came over to greet us and offered to grab me a coffee and I said hi to the speakers Meredith Thatcher and Dr. Laura Hambley Lovett before I left.

But that was it. No other adult conversations or networking for me.

I eventually packed up my diaper bag and headed back to the parking lot to make it home for the afternoon nap.

Mission: Complete. Probably not defined as a success. But I did write a blog post and shared it with you dear reader (if you've been with me since 2018) and on LinkedIn.

What always felt too earnest or awkward never made me feel ashamed, embarrassed or excluded enough to leave.

And if I made the effort to arrive, I sure wasn't going to waste the opportunity to speak to someone, explore the venue (how parent-friendly would I rate it?), snap a few photos and then write a recap afterward for other parents in my network.

Now it's 2023, I'm recording Season 5 of my Mixing Babies And Business™ Podcast where I talk about entrepreneurship, flexible and remote work with kids and I get paid to speak and consult on:

  • remote work with kids
  • creating parent-friendly professional development events, experiences and corporate cultures
  • presenting, public speaking and pitching alongside my kids

📸 AND please know, I am STILL snapping photos of the washrooms in business spaces focused on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, that are meant to be for ALL, but are not (yet) setup with baby change facilities or a safe and comfortable spot to feed a baby.

✨Here is where you come in...

What started as curiosity and a willingness to be uncomfortable, has become about creating safe business spaces and experiences for primary caregivers and their families.

📆 Next week, I'm meeting Members of Parliament from the House of Commons of Canada, who are also on the Standing Committee on the Status of Women, to speak about all of the above:

  1. If you're interested in sharing your views to be brought forward to the MPs and Committee Members, please hit "reply" and send me your feedback by 10 AM Tuesday April 18th (after the night feeds and the school run)
  2. Stay tuned for more pics and details about how the experience goes!

🖥 Mixing Babies And Business™ is participating in Startup Gov (facilitated by Startup Canada), a program we've been in since 2021. As part of it, I try to attend virtual and in person meetings with Government officials (Federal, Provincial/Territorial, Municipal) to provide feedback based on the perspectives and experiences of entrepreneurs in my network.

Mainly the same kind of activism I've always been doing as a parent but in a louder and more connected to public policy and outcomes for everyone across Canada way.

As part of it, they're hosting a Virtual Roundtable and here are the details if you'd like to participate and this can also include SPEAKING, to contribute to the discussion!

Please hit "reply", confirm your name, title and email which I will pass on to the Startup Gov team before Friday May 5th:

  • Virtual Roundtable Event takes place on Thursday, May 18th from 4:30-5:30 PM (don't worry I'll be passing along the feedback that it's not an ideal time for parents after school/during dinner time)
  • Special guests are Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance, MP Rachel Bendayan
  • The theme is going to be focused on breaking down the Federal Budget and what support is available for entrepreneurs

🎉 Access FREE resources for parents and share them with your network:

💡And if you would like to pass my details (including this newsletter) along to those in your network who are corporate leaders, event planners and working to build more inclusive and welcoming spaces for parents, I am currently booking speaking and consulting engagements for 2023 and early 2024 focused on:

  • flexible and remote work with kids;
  • creating a parent-friendly business culture; and
  • designing events, retreats and experiences for your people (and their families)

📮Thank you for reading and sharing with your network!💜

– Amy Lynch (+ Family)

Founder, Event + Podcast Host

Mixing Babies And Business™

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