What do you get when you combine third trimester pregnancy, childhood croup and work deadlines?

Nov 21, 2021 2:59 am


🎢Whooohoooo here we go again – one day late to your inbox but I made it!

Amy from Mixing Babies And Business™ here, this week has been a bit of a ride.

How about you?

I met most of my deadlines (the rest I cancelled) while navigating unexpected prenatal appointments, prescriptions, a kid home sick from daycare, multiple sleepless nights helping the little dude, ending with a diagnosis of croup and some meds.

Apparently it's going around. And I don't just mean the 'croup'.

I mean the neverending juggle of trying to maintain some semblance of life as usual routines in between being as flexible as you're able to in the event you need to drop everything and shuttle a child to an appointment or just cuddle on the couch.

Here are some stats and articles for good measure on this whole parental burnout thing, since we're now almost two years into the pandemic.

We're all doing our best with whatever help we can get and you are most definitely not alone:

The above photo is one of my kids joining me in the office as I attempted to edit my second podcast interview for Season 3.

That lasted about 15 minutes before he got bored of my candles, crystals and stationery supplies but I try to work ahead and batch as much as I can.

My systems aren't perfect but they work for me right now and I try to let it go when it doesn't go as planned.

Are there any things you try to practice right now when it comes to your work, which help with life's ups and downs?

Reply with what works for you, I'm curious to see how others are coping.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be back in your inbox December 3rd. 



– Amy Lynch (+ Family)

Founder, Event + Podcast Host

Mixing Babies And Business™

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