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Feb 25, 2023 8:57 pm

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Back from a winter break (with all 3 kids), unschooling and unplugging ✈️🌏


Our family of five spent the past few weeks in Ireland, where the kids caught up with cousins, explored outdoors and we largely ignored all school work.

Instead we visited places we've never been, took them to places important to us and our history, learned through doing and spent a LOT of time together.

I didn't log on to social media or write a newsletter during this time. I guess it's called 'unschooling' or 'homeschooling' for the kids.

We drove a mini bus / people carrier on the opposite side of the road, cooked using a turf fired range, drank many cups of tea, played different sports, listened to live trad music and walked over 5 kms most days.

Is sounds magical as I write it but of course there were many stressful kid and travel related logistics issues and problems that occurred. More on that another day.

For now, these are the things I actively practice when travelling with kids under age 10, which can conveniently apply to attending events with your kids:

  • Pack one diaper per hour of travel/time away from home
  • A roll of paper towel/tissue and extra garbage bags tucked into your stroller or bag in case of emergency
  • Non-perishable snacks and fruit with peels for unexpected breaks or waiting times
  • Get comfortable with asking for help and accepting it in all forms when it arrives
  • Deep breathing can help but sometimes you need to do a silent scream in a public washroom stall, repeat as needed

Moving abroad or travelling as a means to redesign your work, your life and prioritize your needs as a family?

This article from Romper features American families who've recently moved to Europe and Africa. It spoke to me and I wanted to share it with you if you're thinking of changing your work/home location...or travelling in future with young kids!

As a mother of three Dual Citizen kiddos, partner and sponsor of a newcomer to Canada, we've relocated multiple times before kids and with a baby to Australia, Ireland and England. All have required different sponsorship, visa and immigration applications and procedures. Since returning to Canada, we've travelled to reconnect with family when our kids were babies, toddlers and now school age kids.

Why should you care? Many parents attending my babies and business meetups and events over the years have relocated from another city or country, people I've met and connected with doing remote work or running their own business have shared their personal approaches to schooling or unschooling their kids, structuring their workflows and home life. These things are often intertwined.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, I'm happy to hear from you – just hit reply.

– Amy Lynch (+ Family)

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Spreading the word and business goodness for parents like you:

  • FUNDING: Global Fund For Women is accepting applications on an ongoing basis for applications outside of the United States for grants between $5K to $30K.

  • FUNDING: Ignite Digital is offering free online training, grants ($2.4K CAD or $15K CAD) and resources to support women and underserved entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the months of February and March, funded by the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).

  • NETWORK: The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (YEA) Summit hosted by Young Indians (YI) in New Delhi, India will take place from July 13-16, 2023 and Futurpreneur Canada is accepting applications from YEA Ambassadors to join the delegation this summer until Thursday, March 23rd.

  • WELLNESS: Founders Fund is hosting their latest Seasons of Success: Spring Event for women entrepreneurs to support mental health and wellbeing on Thursday, March 30th.

  • WELLNESS: Check out the Mixing Babies + Business Remote Work [Virtual] Retreat [available on demand] if you're seeking a simple and refreshing way to reassess your current work and life routines.


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