Have you ever tried doing a public speaking gig with one or more kids?

Apr 23, 2022 4:58 pm

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But first I wanted to remind you of a free resource I created in 2018 👀 that is still relevant today!


I created a mini guide a few years ago when I was pitching and presenting with a baby strapped to me and it's still relevant today as we go about meeting others virtually and IRL.

I've brought mine into dozens of business settings since 2016, from the age of four weeks old onward in two different countries – as an event attendee, for meetings, guest speaking...it's been a bit of an experiment in action!

If you're thinking of bringing your kids into business settings (by choice or necessity), you may want to check it out: Babies + Business Mini Guide To Navigating The Corporate Jungle (With Kids).

You can learn more and get the free guide at the link above.

Be part of the Podcast!

I’m looking forward to sharing more about you and your work as part of Season 4!

I'm looking for details about how you’ve been mixing babies and business over the years and any positive ways these resources have helped you. 

You can record here (under 60 seconds is best):


Deadline: April 30, 2022

Examples of what to say:

  • Your name, your business/work role
  • How you’re mixing babies and business
  • What you love about mixing babies and business
  • What you're excited about for the future of work
  • Any positive ways these resources (events, podcast, newsletter) have helped you and your family



I'll be back to share more in two weeks' time,


– Amy Lynch (+ Family)

Founder, Event + Podcast Host

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  • NETWORK: I'm speaking about 'Remote work with kids' at Running Remote, a hybrid and the world's largest remote work conference which takes place next month from May 17-18, 2022 in Montreal! If you'd like to attend, you can get 20% off your ticket price using the discount code 'amylynch' when you register.

  • FUNDING: The Grow Your Business Online grant will help up to 90,000 small businesses take advantage of e-commerce opportunities and is open for applications in some areas – eligible businesses will receive a micro-grant of up to $2,400 to help with the costs related to adopting digital technologies. 

  • FUNDING: The WEOC National Loan Program supports women and non-binary entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey as they start, scale, grow and maintain their business, with loans of up to $50,000 being made available for application soon.

  • OPERATIONS: WE-CAN Project at Queen's University hosted a Systemizing Your Business virtual workshop this week and the recording is now available.

  • WELLNESS: Check out the Mixing Babies + Business Remote Work [Virtual] Retreat [available on demand] if you're seeking a simple and refreshing way to reassess your current work and life routines.


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