Francis Galton

• (Caution: Contains spoilers for Episodes 13×05: Master Class, and a bit for 14×06: The Night of the Stag) •   The Fieldings’ manor, Devington Hall, is currently hosting auditions for Sir Michael Fielding’s Master Class. The manor is a 19th century...

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Dec 28, 2023
Midsomer and the Battle of the Somme

• (Caution: Contains spoilers for Episode: 11×01: Shot at Dawn) •   The episode begins with a black and white picture. “France, July 1916.” is superimposed. Is it 1 July 1916 – the first day of the Battle of the Somme? The assumption is very obvious,...

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Dec 26, 2023
Domesday in Midsomer

• (Caution: Contains spoilers for Episode: 07×02: Bad Tidings) •   Sergeant Daniel Scott has just arrived at his new police station in Causton and is assigned to investigate a murder in Midsomer Mallow. Tom Barnaby and his new sergeant are walking ac...

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Dec 22, 2023
Ghost Villages in World War 2

• (Caution: Contains spoilers for Episode: 19×01: The village that rose from the dead) • A curtain opens, revealing a room with nine people. All the people are dressed in 1940s style and are sitting at three tables. Only the older woman, Sylvia Lenna...

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Dec 17, 2023
Midsomer Connections: Episodes & Epochs

Under the menu item „Midsomer Connections“ you may have already seen the sankey chart in the lower half. It connects episodes with historical events from the respective era. In contrast to the charts above, this one not only includes references to Br...

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Dec 13, 2023
The Dantean Anomaly

• (Caution: Contains spoilers for Episodes: 14×06: The Night of the Stag) • On a colourfully decorated village square, a very well-attended, joyous fete takes place. There are stalls and plenty of alcohol to drink. We are at the Midsomer Abbas May Fa...

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Dec 07, 2023
Midsomer’s Old Railways

• (Caution: Contains spoilers for Episode: 08×01: Things That Go Bump in the Night) • Joyce and Tom Barnaby are guests of Elizabeth Key in Fletcher’s Cross. They go out of the cottage into the garden. Elizabeth Key carries a tray with three cups and...

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Nov 27, 2023
The Dissolution of the Monasteries in Midsomer Murders

• (Caution: Contains spoilers for Episode: 04×01: Garden of Death, 07×06: The Straw Woman, and 11×07: Talking to the Dead. With a little bit of 20×01: The Ghost of Causton Abbey, 08×03: Orchid Fatalis, and 14×07: A Sacred Trust.) • Tom Barnaby and Be...

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Nov 18, 2023
ATA – Anything To Anywhere

• (Caution: Contains spoilers for Episode: 16×04: The Flying Club. With a bit of 13×01: The Sword of Guillaume, and a little bit of 10×01: Dancing with the Dead) • A murder has occurred at Finchmere airfield. John Barnaby interrogates the Darnley fam...

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Nov 11, 2023