Book Series News 🚀 + Teaser Trailer 🎥 + BONSAI SCARED ME 😣

Apr 20, 2021 12:01 am



First off, this is a photo on IG of me taking care of a very sick Bonsai the other day. He was NOT a happy camper.

He wouldn't eat or drink and he was shivering really bad. 😣I have no idea what it was, but I think he ate something that disagreed with him...

Must have been a sore argument...

I was going to take him to the emergency vet clinic, but after a few hours he got better and could do things on his own again.

He's 13 so he's starting to get up there in age, but he's still going strong!

Hang in there, buddy!

Book Series News 🚀

A lot has happened over the past week. I'll break it down.

First, the Sun Maker Saga has grown from 3 books to 6! 😲

Second, titles have changed as a result. I and II are set in stone for good now. III and IV are still tentative. V and VI will be along shortly.

Here they are:

  • Ruin Star, Sun Maker Book I (Post-production/Revising)
  • Fury Fall, Sun Maker Book II (Post-production/Revising)
  • Fatal Vine, Sun Maker Book III (Post-production/Revising)
  • Bleeding Sun, Sun Maker Book IV (Post-production/Revising)
  • TBA, Sun Maker Book V (Plotting/Drafting)
  • TBA, Sun Maker Book VI (Plotting/Drafting)

Third, these will be shorter books--around 90,000 words, or around 320 pages versus the 180,000 words (640 pages) it used to be.

Fourth, the book cover for Ruin Star is currently being worked on. Will announce the cover reveal soon.

Fifth, I'm still planning on a Fall 2021 release for Ruin Star followed very shortly by Books III, IV, V and VI. (Within a few weeks of each other. More details to follow.)

Lastly, I plan on writing both Books V and VI within the next few months.

Teaser Trailer 🎥

In the next few days, I plan to release a small, teaser trailer for the the first book + a brief history of the book. Keep an eye out for it!

That's it for now! Stay awesome, everyone! 🚀