Book One News + Enclave Beta Readers + Free T-shirt!

Apr 13, 2021 12:31 am

First, the important news...


Here you will see some amazing shots of Bonsai's and Joey's butts.

In the top photo, Bonsai (13) is resting with his friend, Mia (3), a female mini schnauzer who is very cute and very loud when she barks.

Joey (3) is now a thief. He has gotten into the bad habit of eating Mia's food. Almost unabashedly.

*Sigh*...for now, they are all resting from a long day of playing outside in the sun.

(It's 84 degrees outside right now in St. George. We blinked and missed spring, apparently.)

Ahh, life...

I've been SUPER productive this past week.

A couple things have happened that has opened up my time significantly.

Since you might not have been aware, I was part of a screenwriting fellowship program that was working on a documentary set to premier on Netflix later this year.

Unfortunately, I had to step away from that due to a disagreement with the company's business practices. But all's well and good! I left amicably and now I have more time to write my newsletters!

The Desolation Star News + Cover Art

I've made more strides on my book in the past week than I have in the past few months!

My plan was to have this book ready and publishable by Fall of this year, but I'm considering moving it up a few months with all this FREE TIME I have on my hands!

We'll see...

All I know is that THE DESOLATION STAR, SUN MAKER BOOK I is progressing along nicely! I'm very excited to see it release.

The illustrator is James L. Cook, who is an amazing artist, and he will be creating an original piece for this book. I'm super excited! I plan on revealing it as soon as I can.

The Enclave Beta Readers Group

But now that my rate has accelerated, I'm looking for potential Enclave members!

The Enclave is an elite group of beta readers. If you sign up and leave an honest review at release time, you'll get a free Enclave t-shirt as a token of my appreciation.


Click here to read the rules & sign up.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to respond to this email.

Stay awesome