Trouble paying for your Facebook Ads?

In case you are unable to pay for your ads or facing the error of payment decline, here is what you can do.Make sure you use Pay U payment method. If you can't find Pay U, that means your ad account is postpaid. Unfortunately, postpaid accounts no lo...

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May 31, 2023
There are 5 levels of business, which are you?

There are 5 levels of Business. Think about the level you are and know where you should grow to. 1. PROFESSIONAL: You know how to do the job and you do it yourself. More like a freelancer now. You create the value, get paid and move on. 2. SELF-EMPLO...

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May 22, 2023
That skill alone cannot grow your business, you need

I hear people say, "My wife knows how to sew. I am trying to open a shop for her".Or they say, "My brother trained as a mechanic, I am looking to set him up".The ideal thing to do is, "My wife knows how to sew. I am trying to find a place where she c...

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Jan 30, 2023
Closing today! Open your gift package now

Get full access at half the price!As a new month's gift, use this exclusive discount to get 50% off all courses at FS Academy.With the promo code: "50discount", you will get any and all our courses at FS Academy by paying just half the price.You will...

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Dec 03, 2022