Advertise to pisto shooters before the new year?

Hi ,The biggest selling season of the year is around the corner, you may want to be first to reach the 2,460 shooters already in the list :)Would you like to do something special together?On top of this, I'm sending an email next week on the topic of...

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Oct 13, 2022
Do you want to sell before sales {{contact.first_name}}?

Hi ,Sales season is around the corner, you may want to be first to reach over 2000 potential customers before it is too late :) Pricing: €300 exclusive sponsor;€150 sponsor with picture and text;€75 text sponsorFirst to book shows up first in the new...

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Jun 15, 2022
Full package for you {{contact.first_name}}?

Hi ,Here's a different proposal to reach thousands of sport shooters. Look at it as a menu where you can choose whatever suits your marketing goals best: Website banner mid article: €500 per month, 6 month minimum engagement (€1800).Mail list exclusi...

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May 17, 2022
What do you want to get out of advertising?

Hi ,I would like to better understand what you and your company want to get out of your advertising and marketing efforts to tailor my offer to what would be useful to you.Let's talk. Book a meeting or reply to this email to organize a call. The next...

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Apr 21, 2022