An effective way to deal with difficult conversations

If you are going through a rough phase in your life and have been exercising resiliency or are making attempts to learn this life skillone major thing that can expedite your learning is mindfulness.Here's How? Mindfulness and resilience are clos...

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Jul 05, 2024
Healthy Boundaries

My abnormal need to help everyone landed me in a space where all boundaries collapsed, thereby impacting the resilient me.Read the rest of the blog post here .Thank you for your time and attention.Warm regards,Mehnaz Amjad PS : Check out the new FREE...

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Jul 02, 2024
Important Update: A New Focus for My Coaching Business

I hope this message finds you well. As I celebrate the completion of seven rewarding years in my coaching business, following a fulfilling 15-year career in the corporate world, I wanted to share some significant updates with you.After a period of in...

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Jun 30, 2024