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Mar 13, 2021 6:45 pm


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I have a great deal of news today! First of all there is a new blog post "Your Branches" which is a glimpse of my next book project Blooming Crazy.

A clip from the blog post: Your Branches

We can either prune our branches or God will do it for us! What I mean is, where are your priorities. Is Jesus part of your day-to-day routine? We can either slow down our lives and walk with Him, or He will slow us down in ways we may not appreciate or understand.

Read the entire blog post Your Branches: Blogger Click here, or on my website click here.

New Author Spotlight - Carole L. Haines

Carol just released a wonderful devotional book, Journeying with Jesus. Click here to download her eBook or purchase a copy of her paperback. Follow Carole on, and listen to some of the beautiful music by Carole and her husband, Bruce Haines.

Book Review: Carole shares from her life experiences to draw us closer to Jesus. I could see myself in her situation in her devotion ‘Heaps of Grace.’ After all, who among us hasn’t had an outburst of frustration, and then realized we have had a negative impact on someone we love. Thank you Carole for sharing your life so openly, so we all remember to offer others grace and receive grace from our Lord when we need it most. This book is such a wonderful blessing and a reminder that we all need a Savior. - Amazon review, Mary

Carole L. Haines has been writing her blog,, for over 10 years. She has written over 750 Devotions, as well as various Poems and Songs. Simplicity is a lifestyle she has aspired to. Her simplicity is in finding the most important thing to spend your life doing and doing that one thing. 

Her relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, is that One Thing.

Bloom in God's Promises - Update

I will have an actual release date soon! I will be releasing both the devotional and the journal at the same time and will post release date and preorder information at

First...I need your help! I am going to run a bestseller campaign as I did before. Many of you have helped and know the routine, but for those who are new to the process and would like to help, here are the basics.

  • I will give you the release date (as soon as it is available).
  • On that day or within 24 hours, you purchase the eBook Bloom in God's Promises on Amazon for $.99. (I will email you a link to make it easy.)
  • It will only be that price for a short period of time, so spread the word because anyone can purchase for a few days.
  • You read/scroll through the book. You need to read enough of it to write a review please, but if you don't scroll through the entire book Amazon will ignore your review.
  • The more people involved the better so please forward this email to anyone who might like to help.
  • After the eBook has been released, I will order paperback copies and have them for sale, along with the matching journals for those who like to journal. Once the books have been ordered,I will send you a coupon code for all merchandise at My way of saying thank you for the help.

PLEASE let me know if you can help by replying to this email or sending me a text message. I need to make sure that important information gets to you when I proceed.

Sorry this update is so long. I hope to hear from you about supporting me in my bestseller campaign!

Serving Christ,


PS...Don't forget to check out Journeying with Jesus!

PSS...For easy access to my website, scan the QR code.