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Jan 17, 2021 3:17 am


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2020 was a challenging year, so how will you keep the motivation and the momentum going in 2021?

A clip from the blog post:

My friend signs her notes KOKO, which means keep on keeping on. In other words, when life is difficult, stay the course, don’t give up, go the extra mile, and keep being a witness for Christ.

In order for Paul and Silas to dig deep within themselves to endure imprisonment, they praised the Lord. As God always does, He took their horrible circumstance and turned it into a great witness for Jesus. What a testimony of God’s power and love!

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Bloom in God's Promises - Update


Bloom in God's Promises is written! I am to the editing and formatting stages of the project, which in itself is time consuming. It is too early to set a release date, but I'm hoping for April or May. Updates and pre-release sale price will be posted at when available.

SALE: In order to help you cope with COVID lockdowns, my devotionals, journals, and Bible studies remain on sale at As always local delivery/pickup is available on the site.

Have a great winter and stay warm. Even if it is cold outside, you can have a warm heart by spending time with Jesus each day.

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