WTF Just Happened, My Journey Into The Unknown

Liz Entin's life changed significantly when her dad was diagnosed with a condition that eventually required him to be transferred to hospice care. Liz spoke openly with the doctors about finding ways to help her father. Some people found comfort in...

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Oct 04, 2023
Exploring The OBE with Science and Evidence

Welcome back to another fascinating episode of "Deadly Departed"! I'm your host, Jock Brocas, and today we have a special guest joining us, Graham Nicholls. Graham is a renowned expert in the field of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and will share his...

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Sep 15, 2023
Extraordinary Spiritual Awakenings

Today's episode, titled "Extraordinary Awakenings," takes us on a journey of spiritual transformation and enlightenment. We will explore the captivating concept of "transformation through trauma" coined by Professor Steve Taylor PhD, as we uncover th...

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Aug 05, 2023
The Awakened Brain With Dr Lisa Miller

On this enlightening episode of "Deadly Departed," join our host, Jock Brocas, as he delves into the captivating work and research of renowned psychologist, Dr. Lisa Miller. A pioneer in the field of spiritual psychology, Dr. Miller offers groundbrea...

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Jul 19, 2023
We Need To Consider Paranormal Science

Welcome to "Deadly Departed," the podcast that delves into the mysteries of the afterlife and explores paranormal phenomena with expert guests. I'm your host, Jock Brocas, an author, researcher, and medium. In this episode, titled "We Need to Consid...

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May 06, 2023
Evil Influence In The World Around You

Welcome to the Deadly Departed Podcast, with your host, Jock Brocas. In today's eye-opening episode, titled "Evil Influence In The World Around You," we will confront the terrifying reality of evil spirits and their insidious effects on our lives. Jo...

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Apr 12, 2023
Deadly Departed Returns EP 56 S2

That's right, we are back after a long time off. Finally, we have started season 2 but with some very exciting changes to the way we do things. Jock welcomes his new co-host. There's so much coming up. Listen to Jock and Craig as they discuss what's...

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Feb 02, 2023
Nick Pope - UFO Disclosure

Nick Pope is perhaps one of the foremost authorities on UFO phenomena worldwide. In this episode Jock and Nick get to chat about the serious implications of the military, our world and our government attitudes on UFO's. It is clear to Nick that the U...

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Nov 04, 2021