🙏🏻 Setting Intentions

Jun 23, 2020 11:01 pm

Hey Soul Voyager, 

I first was introduced to the concept of intentions when I first starting learning how to do Reiki.

When we generally think of intention, we talk about something we don’t ever really get around to do. I intended to take a holiday but I never needed up going. I intended to visit my friend over the weekend, but something else came up…

When doing energetic or personal development work, intention is very different and it’s all about what you DO end up doing!

When you set an intent - it’s like making a claim to the universe “this is what I am now doing”

It’s about being totally clear on the outcome you expect to receive and it’s about setting the vibrational state that we operate from. Setting your intention is vitally important, not only in healing but in our everyday life. 

From that intention come the thoughts, words and actions that become our life. 

These thoughts, words and actions draw the situations and people into our life that we encounter. 

It is all connected, and it all starts with intention. Even before we have thought, said or done anything, our intention for how we want to be in the world and the effect we want to have on the Earth is important.

Here is my favourite meditation to do in the morning - about setting the right intent for the day based on your own individual needs and values.




Sylvia xx

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