You can still apply for 2024! - Bring your spouse!!

Apr 03, 2024 10:53 pm

Hello ,

We are trying our best to help aspiring students to proceed with your initial plan and arrive in Canada this 2024. If your documents are ready and just missing LOA or just medical or any other documents you can immediately get, this July 2024 intake is for you. We were able to have a collaboration with school and have the following perks for you (only applicable if you apply with Unistudy).


1. Normal tuition fee for MBA are 20k to 30K per year, we can lower it for you of up to 15-17k per year

2. Low tuition deposit - only 3k CAD

3. No IELTS, NO GMAT, No other hectic requirements, whatever you already submitted with us is good

4. FREE APPLICATION -Limited number of students only

5. 15months length only = 3yrs PGWP, we can lessen this to 1 year study and still get 3 yrs PGWP


The intake is for July 2024 - Master's in Management

Located in Niagara, Ontario - 50-70% cheaper cost of living than Toronto

Let us know if you are interested by replying to this email.

If you haven't shared with us your admission documents, please let us know.

View video here:

UniStudy Team