[reko.day] Databases are Boring

Mar 10, 2023 3:01 pm

Happy Friday,

I was really hoping to have a new mobile app update, but it isn't in the cards this week.

Before I go into he gory details of what I've been working on, I think I'd like to talk a bit about my vision for this whole reko.day idea. I know a vision is something you can only ever strive towards and never realize fully, but that's fine. It provides a direction.

When I think about what happens after reko.day is used by people all over the country I see people with a totally new relationship with food. I see them looking at a head of cabbage as food with unique flavors, textures, health benefits, and possibilities. I see families and friends around tables sharing meals that didn't come from a box, and people delighting in the flavors.

I see parents telling their kids that they didn't always have fresh food like this.

What gives me comfort in my vision is that I think a lot of it is actually possible. I think most of have long since been dissatisfied with the food industry, but in a market that doesn't give a lot of real options. I see people obsessing over viral cooking videos and inspiring people to go make new and interesting meals.

My hope is these two things are rocket fuel for quickly bringing reko.day to lots of people.

Now, let me briefly talk about the mobile app.

Up until now, the mobile application I've shown works, but in a sort of fictional way. My job right now is taking the fiction away. To be more specific, all the data and information that you've seen in the videos was never saved on a server permanently. The data was kept impermanently on the phone.

I took that approach because building a server means making decisions about what data we need, how to organize it, and how to store it. An example here would be that for the mobile app to show you an apple is for sale, what information do I need to collect to list that apple?

By starting with the mobile app, I naturally discover what data I need.

Then the challenge is to swap out the pretend data for a real server and database. Thankfully, this isn't my first rodeo and once I settled on the technologies I'd use the effort to turn my fiction into fact will only take a few days.

What this means is that very soon this application will stop being a demo that I show in a video and start being something I can let people try out.

If being one of the first people to try the application out while I finish building it sounds fun and interesting to you. Send me an email at ryan@reko.day!

Also, if you have any more in-depth questions about this technical stuff, email me and I'm happy to go into more detail.