[reko.day] Feb 10th Update - Initial Timelines

Feb 10, 2023 3:21 pm

Happy Friday!

First, I want to celebrate a pretty neat internal milestone. In previous emails, I've mentioned how my approach to creating reko.day is based on testing hypotheses about the idea.

That first hypothesis was that people care about getting local produce.

Simple enough of an idea, but if people don't care about that idea, then the whole concept of reko.day is dead already. So I conducted an experiment to test my hypothesis, and that experiment concluded that there are enough people who care about local produce.

Those people are you!

In a nutshell, this means I'm continuing with building reko.day because enough of you signed up for my email list. You decided that the problem I'm solving and the approach I'm taking was enough for you to sign up. It was enough to give me a shot, and there are enough of you for me to continue!

So what happens now? Well, there are three major things:

  • Establishing a timeline for when I hope to launch the mobile app
  • Seeing if farmers/gardeners are interested
  • Building the mobile app

Starting at the top, I've set a tentative date of April 1st for an initial launch. It's a very aggressive date for one person, but I want to leave it there to push me. I do expect it to move. Part of hitting April 1st includes a lot of things, like getting farmers and gardeners on board, getting the app built, and establishing the first set of rekos (Pickup locations) so people can use it. That's a lot.

The second item involves me conducting another experiment to see if farmers and gardeners are interested in what reko.day is. If there are no farmers and gardeners then this thing won't work either!

Last, and probably most exciting to folks is the mobile app itself. I've started sourcing out people to do the design so it'll stop looking like a pet project and look like a great mobile app. I also started with the feature where people can add rekos themselves through the app.

Most importantly, though, I want to start talking with some of you to get your personal feedback on the app. This is one of the most important things to do, in my opinion. This is a chance for you to make this into the app you'll love, and others will too!

So what I'm looking for is 5-10 of you to talk with me for 15-30 minutes about the app itself.

Let's Talk About reko.day!

There is so much stuff going on I might start sending more emails just so you can get more bite-sized.

As usual, let me know any thoughts or opinions you have by replying to this email. I read them all!